Warming your conservatory in cooling weather

If you have enjoyed your conservatory over the summer months, you might not have given much thought to what happens when the weather cools. Conservatories have a reputation of being cold and unusable in winter; however, with the right solution, you can use yours all year round.

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Add blinds, curtains and throws

A quick fix for any conservatory is to install blinds or curtains to retain any winter warmth while blocking out the cold. Blinds are particularly effective because you can control the way light enters the space. Add warm throws for some extra cosiness when the weather turns colder.

Upgrade your flooring

You could pull up your existing flooring and install underfloor heating; alternatively, if your budget doesn’t stretch this far or you are simply looking for a quick fix, try adding warm shaggy rugs over cold tiles for an instant feeling of comfort and warmth. If you do replace the flooring, make sure you insulate under it.

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Plug that gap

One of the most effective ways of reducing heat loss in your conservatory is to plug any gaps. Use proper draught proofing to reduce draughts and you will start to notice the difference almost immediately. There are many ways to do this and some can be rather fun to.

Update your glazing

While glass will never have as high an insulating factor as brick, improvements in double glazing and glass technology mean that you can make your conservatory far more energy efficient by replacing the existing glass, especially if you have an older-style polycarbonate roof. Conservatories Tewkesbury will immediately benefit from improved heat retention and better energy efficiency.

Add an insulated roof

If you really want to make the most of your conservatory all year round, try a replacement insulated roof. If you don’t want to lose the natural light, choose insulated glass; otherwise, tiles will improve energy efficiency and reduce your bills.

Be smart with heating

Adding a new heater from a Wood Burning Stove Northern Ireland company sourced at sites such as www.stovebay.com/stoves/category/40-wood-burning-stoves#.xlctz-hkhpy can help to make your conservatory usable in winter. Efficient in the way they heat, they can help to maintain an ambient temperature in your conservatory. Invest in one and you can sit back and relax as you enjoy the warmth and maybe even a glass of wine.

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