How Does the Hair on Our Heads Grow?

When we are children, our hair tends to be very short, usually up to around our shoulders in height. This is because our hair is actually very fragile and easily damaged, often by brushing it hard enough to make split ends come out or by pulling it too tightly into a ponytail that can cause stress and break the roots. As we grow older though our hair becomes thinner and begins to fall out more, often as we hit our thirties, but there are things you can do to slow down this process and encourage your hair to grow back thicker and longer – such as growing it longer using natural techniques, and protecting it from damage using the right products.

Grey hair roots

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Most people don’t realize that our hair actually grows pretty much the same way across our whole head, we just stop it deadening in place and leave it to grow in a linear direction instead. For some people hair growth can diminish and lead to patches that are thinner than others and the scalp can be exposed. Scalp Micropigmentation from companies such as His Hair Clinic is one option that can be used to combat this.


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It’s not just how long your hair grows that matters, it’s also what kind of hair you have. People with curly hair tend to grow it longer than most others, and people who suffer from baldness are likely to have thinner hair on their head. There are many reasons why someone might have thin hair, but it’s always best to talk to a doctor if you suspect you might have a medical condition such as Alopecia (a thinning of the hair). If you take the time to talk to a doctor about how you are going to grow your hair, they should be able to help you figure out why you are having issues growing it so long.


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