Bail Agent Careers

Bail agents are licensed professionals who provide vital financial services to individuals who are involved in the criminal justice system. Cash bail amounts are often set too high for most defendants to pay them in full. Instead, they rely on bail bonds Allentown PA to issue a bond to the court.  Some bail agents work for chain bail services, while many others are small business people who run their own bail bonding business. 

Skills Required of Bail Agents

There is no typical day for a bail agent. It is a job that requires many different skills and the ability to deal with all different types of people. A bail agent needs a working knowledge of the legal system and bail in particular, as well as good math skills and an understanding of financial concepts. Bail agents will regularly deal with defendants and their families or representatives, lawyers, courts and detention center staff. They also need to be able to execute and understand legal contracts related to bail. While some agents also work in fugitive recovery, this is not typical.

Education for Bail Agents

Educational requirements for bail agents can vary as they are set by individual states. In general, however, all bail agents are required to have a GED or high school diploma and to graduate from an accredited bail training program. These are mostly short-term courses with a comprehensive examination at the finish. Some bail agents do get a college degree, with coursework in criminal justice, business and financing. This can be particularly helpful for those interested in starting their own bail bonds business. 

Licensing Requirements for Bail Agents

All bail agents are licensed by their state. Upon completion of the bail agent training program, individuals must sit for a comprehensive licensing examination. Most states charge a small fee for maintaining licensure and also have continuing education requirements. Exact licensure requirements are determined by individual states.


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