How do shops get seasonal?

Christmas is only a few weeks away and no doubt, the stores will have started to put up their festive decorations and play the seasonal songs we all know and love so much. How important is it for shops to get into the spirit of the season and does this affect where we choose to shop? Here we look at the different ways shops adapt their atmospheres to make us feel more Christmassy:

  1. Smells

Most of us dont even notice the smell of a store but on a subconscious level, the aroma is registering with us whether it be a good one or a negative one. Over 70% of our emotional responses are based on smell so stores cant afford to ignore this opportunity. Aroma marketing is becoming increasingly popular, as a customer will associate a smell with a brand. Christmas provides the perfect time for introducing delicious aromas into shops. Smells to get us into the seasonal include fresh pine, gingerbread, oranges and chocolate.

  1. Music

An easy but effective tactic is to target shoppers with mood-lifting seasonal songs. Christmas music brings back memories of excitement and childhood happiness, family time and being warmly wrapped up indoors with gorgeous treats. A good Christmas play-list can invoke all these emotions in your shoppers, boosting sales and helping to relax and uplift customers. People remember feeling good in a store so will be more tempted to return for their shopping needs. For help putting together the most effective play-list, visit for a range of in storemedia options.

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  1. Displays

Surveyed shoppers recently revealed that festive window displays remain their favourite thing about Christmas shopping in the UK. There is a fine line between traditionally classy and tacky though so its important for stores to get the right balance and ensure they are choosing displays, scents and music that resonate with their brand and with shoppers. Christmas can represent up to 40% of a businesss annual income so a good season lays solid foundations for the following year of trading. Getting this festive period wrong can lead to struggles in the forthcoming year.

  1. Decorations

Christmas decoration really does matter to shoppers. People are more likely to walk into a store thats brightly decorated, playing festive music and with happy employees than they are to walk into an undecorated and sullen looking shop. The decorated shop is alluring, possibly full of treasures and surprises like Christmas Day itself. Think that sounds over the top? You cant help your subconscious reaction, no matter how much you attempt to rationalize it. Often, youll hear shoppers complaining about how early the stores decorate but sales figures and shopping habits prove that we prefer it that way.

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  1. Dedicated Area

Many businesses in the retail sector will set aside a unique area in store as a Christmas shop. It could be decorated like a grotto or winter wonderland but is highly effective in channelling customers to a specific seasonal selection of products that the business wants to focus on for Christmas.

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