Glam Up Your Garden This Summer

With the lighter nights approaching and the promise of Spring and Summer in the air, now is time to be thinking about sprucing up your garden. You dont have to be a green-fingered God or Goddess to get the most out of your outdoor space. Here are some of the latest gadgets, gizmos and outdoor furniture to make your garden the go-to place this Summer:

When youve been working or playing in the garden in your wellies but need to pop into the house, that constant changing of footwear can get annoying. The perfect, must-have item this year are the boot slippers. You can pop these on over your boots quickly for popping into the house to put the kettle on!

If youre stuck for space, then why not combine furniture and storage together? What you need are sun loungers that come with storage underneath. The perfect place to tidy away the cushions and clean sun towels without having to take everything back into the house when the sun goes down. If you cant find one, you could always DIY your own!

If you have squeamish little ones or even big ones, who wont go outside if theres a bug nearby, then you need a handy easy-to-use spider catcher. The super gadget allows you to deal with the offending creature at arms length and theyre grest for indoor critters too.

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Love barbecues but hat the space they require? Then, you need a BBQ in a bag. This portable BBQ even comes with a cooler giving you perfect hot dogs and cool drinks all summer long!

Of course, what every garden enthusiast needs is a Shepherds hut. Stylish, personal and ideal for any purpose you desire, a Shepherds hut makes a glam addition to any outdoor space. Use it as a workshop, guest room or childrens play room so you dont have to be forever tripping over toys! For Cotswold Shepherd Huts, visit

Kids will adore the Lego planters that you can buy now. Perfect for outdoors or in, big kids or little ones bring a touch of fun and colour to your summer garden with these Lego-themed accessories.

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Hate cutting the grass? cant convince the kids to do it for you? If you have some money to spare, treat yourself to the Husqvarna Automower. This cute little mower will set you back at least 1000 but can mow your lawn in all weathers and handle awkward terrain. It could be money well-spent for extra time with your feet up!

Always wanted a water feature but dont want the hassle of digging and fitting pumps? Then you need a Lily Rain Chain. Cup shapes hang along a chain, with each cup having a hole for gutter rain to drip through in a gentle, steady motion.

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