Why choose a PVC roof?

Whether you are looking to install a new roof for your home or business, there are a variety of types of roofing to consider. If longevity, durability and performance are high on your list of priorities, it is PVC roofing membranes that serve as a premium choice, offering excellent protection. Lets look at why they are the noteworthy choice.

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PVC roofing is flame retardant

Once a source of fire has been taken away, the majority of membranes made out of vinyl will not support a flame. Consequently, unlike other roofing systems, PVC roofing usually come with a Class A fire rating. They have a superior resistance to fire and do not release toxins, so are less harmful to the environment.

PVC roofing is flexible

If you are worried about a roofing system fitting your building, you should definitely consider PVC. It is both flexible and easily shaped to adapt to diverse roofs, and the majority of vinyl membranes can be prefabricated to correspond to a buildings shape. As a result, the wastage or scrapping of any materials is significantly reduced.

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PVC roofing is light

Vinyl membranes are usually lighter in weight than other roofing systems; therefore, they add very little additional weight to a building. If you are re-roofing a building, PVC roofing can go directly onto a current system. This reduces wastage, as no old materials need to be deposited in a landfill.

PVC roofing can be heat-welded

Being heat-welding, a PVC roof helps to create both reliable and strong seams, thus decreasing the likelihood of leakage that could lead to interior damp and mould developing. Furthermore, some membranes made of vinyl reduce moisture that can become trapped by having a two-way venting system. It goes without saying that it is important to preserve heat.

PVC roofing is reflective

Some PVC roofing, such as UPVC fascia boards from suppliers such as https://www.absolutebuildingplastics.co.uk/upvc-fascia-boards/, is reflective and can therefore decrease the requirement for energy by keeping your building cooler.

PVC is resistant to the majority of chemicals

A building that is 100 years old may go through only three or four roofs made of PVC, whereas it may go through eight to ten of another type. This is because PVC roofing is highly durable, often still fit for purpose 30 years after first being installed.

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