Blinds: deciding which are best for your home

With so many different types and styles of blinds from which to choose, it requires some consideration when buying this popular window covering for your home. Here are some important aspects to think about.

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Purpose of your blinds

When deciding which are the best types of blinds for your home, think about what you want them to achieve. This will probably be tied in with where the blinds will be fitted. In a bedroom, you may want blinds that make it easy to sleep and keep the light out. According to Country Living Magazine, blinds with a blackout lining are perfect for bedrooms, especially if they completely cover the frame.

In a living room, aesthetics may be top of your agenda when choosing blinds so that they fit in with the current design scheme. For bright spaces such as a conservatory, blinds that allow you to control the light on sunny days may be your priority.

Blinds destined for a kitchen or bathroom will need to withstand the steamy conditions of these rooms; therefore, choosing waterproof blinds from a specialist such as makes complete sense.

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If you want blinds that keep your room warm, look for ones with energy-efficiency features. Some blinds even work like solar panels!

Window type

Which blinds you choose will also depend on the style of window they will be covering. If you require blinds to cover sliding windows, panel track blinds or vertical blinds are a good option. If you have bay windows, look for blinds that fit well; be sure to measure carefully.

Practical features

Ultimately, choosing blinds should depend on how practical they are for you and your family. If you lead a busy lifestyle, blinds that are easy to maintain will be a boon. With children at home, you might want blinds that are durable, easy to wipe clean, and do not have hazardous dangling cords.

Blinds that look good

Even when you have considered the various practical aspects associated with choosing blinds, your decision should also be based on how good you think the blinds will look in a specific space. You might want to choose a jaunty, bold style for a childs bedroom; however, for a living room, you may wish to opt for a classic or neutral style or colour that suits the setting.

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