The Paperwork Side of Moving to Greece

We all dream of the sun-kissed beaches and ancient ruins in Greece. But before you get lost in that reverie, there’s some paperwork and formalities to sort out.

Getting Settled

Have your documents ready. Dig out everything – from your birth records to your bank details. These are your golden tickets when you’re locking down residency or other key permits in Greece. For advice on the Golden Visa Greece, contact Georgakilawfirm

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Working Matters

If you’re from outside the EU, it might be a good idea to bag a job before you head over. Why? Companies can sometimes help you with the tricky work permit scene. Going solo or setting up a shop? You might need to look at different visa options.

Dealing with Taxes

Here’s a silver lining – Greece has tax agreements with loads of countries. This means you won’t get taxed twice for the same money. Still, get a grip on the tax scene in Greece, especially if you’re thinking of buying a home or starting a business.

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On the Road

Got an international driving licence? Great, it’ll work for a bit. But depending on where you’re from, you might have to take a driving test for a local licence. Also, maybe brush up on the do’s and don’ts on Greek roads.


A Greek bank account can be a lifesaver. It makes things like paying your phone bill or getting your pay way easier. Have a look at different banks, get the lowdown on any fees, and set yourself up for smooth banking.

Yes, dealing with official procedures isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. But getting a handle on Greece’s bureaucratic side will pave the way for a hassle-free life in this beautiful country.

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