Why the New Year is a great time to start dancing!

If you want to get fit and feel healthier in the New Year, then consider taking up dance. There are so many different types of dance that there is sure to be something for every taste and physical fitness level. Whether you are fit as a fiddle but have never danced before, or you’re new to exercise and want to ease yourself in, dancing is fun and very inclusive.

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Dance is something enjoyed by young and old alike. Whether it’s a 5 year old enjoying his or her first ballet lessons or a retired couple dabbling with learning ballroom dancing steps, dance transcends age and time. It is a joyful activity that attracts all walks of life.

For those looking for a high intensity, highly effective workout, they should consider salsa. Salsa Classes London, go to a site like https://rvdance.co.uk/dance-classes-london/salsa-classes-london/ A high intensity salsa class can burn as many as 600 calories in just one hour! Obviously this is only recommended for those with good existing fitness levels but salsa classes are also available for beginners and move at a much calmer and instructional level making them accessible for a great many people.

This type of dance is also known as social dancing because it is generally danced with a partner or with others in a class. This suits those looking for a social hobby as well as an excuse to get fitter.

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The benefits of dance don’t just include socialising and fitness. Dance is also a great stress reliever and can help in the fight against depression and anxiety. Dance brings you firmly into the moment, as you listen to the music and move your body in time to it. It is therefore, a truly mind-body experience. You’ll find you grow into a better listener, a more focused person and feel much less stress.

Other physical benefits can also be enjoyed, which include improved posture, better balance and stronger joints and muscles. For older people, this can significantly lessen the chances of falls, trips and injuries in later life.

And the best thing? Dancing can help you live longer and feel younger! It helps to keep the blood circulating, provides a feel good glow, strengthens bones and muscles and keeps you active. This is the year for taking up a new style of dance, so why not spice things up with some salsa beginner classes?

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