Valentine’s Day Decoration 2017


If you want to hold a Valentine 2017 really special, your home also needs to be romantic. In this article, we show decoration Valentine 2017 for the table, for the bedroom and for the living room. If you follow our advice and look at all the photos we have selected to inspire you, you will see that every corner of your house can be the most romantic place in the world, ready for Valentine’s Day 2017.

Valentine, like any other outstanding holiday (Hallowen, Christmas, etc …) also deserves that we dedicate a special decoration and that is why we can find several ideas that will serve us to achieve decorate for example the table and thus arrange a romantic dinner and special with our partner.

Another stays we can provide a special decoration Valentine is the bedroom we shared, and thus our surprise boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, husband, wife …

Also in the living room, we can choose to decorate on the occasion of the day of lovers, and even in other rooms we can look at some ideas that allow us to celebrate this romantic day in a special way.

Below we give you a series of details that will allow you to bring that special style to the most romantic day of the year.

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Valentines Day 2017 decoration for the table

For the decoration of the table we can bet first all for a dim light, also for the room, plus color a red, white and pink candles, plus flowers that will place as a centerpiece that will be ideal and will appeal to the Person that we want to surprise.

This would be the “traditional” way our table Valentine, but the fact is that the current decorative trends present us with many other options, as we see in the image below.

If you are tired or tired of placing flowers, or colors as mentioned, it is always a good option to go for a white color for table linens, and combined with everything else and choose the center of the table to place a heart to from small bouquets of flowers. It is not necessary that the heart be as big as the one we see above, we can opt for something simpler and smaller and even done with any element that we like and that does not look bad on the table (another idea would be to do for example with petals pink).

If you have stayed the night with us Valentine friends for dinner and dinner will be at home, here we are a perfect idea for decoration Valentin’s Day 2017 for four people. Since you will not be in privacy, it is best not to overload the table. You can decorate with a red tablecloth, matching cutlery and some decorations with hearts. How about?

The food is always a good option and support for decoration Valentine 2017. For example, you can do as pictured above and get some dishes in the form of letter to write a message, which also decorate with the food we put into these dishes. This time they have chosen the word “love” and they have decorated it with strawberries, taking advantage of its red color so classic of Valentine.

And if you are more sweet, you can also decanter by this delicious and cute option that consists of making love arrows, typical of Cupid on this day, with Chinese chopsticks and cardboard. At the end of the stick we place our sweet, which in this case is a spectacular brownie sprinkled with sugar and accompanied by heart candy.

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Valentine’s Day 2017 decoration for the living room

On the other hand, and considering that many houses have a living-dining room, we cannot forget to decorate part of this space and together to the table.

If you choose, the red tablecloth for your table in decorating Valentines good that you continue betting on this tone to place details or items around the room to help you create a special atmosphere.

Thus, you can choose to place a hanging element, or place some flowers, or balls (in the style of Christmas) on the shelves or, as we see in the picture above the fireplace.

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Also on the part of the sofa, we can get to have an element that allows us to contribute much more to our decor for Valentines Day. If you have a sofa that has a white cover, as shown in the photo, you can place a flower or a candle in pink or reddish tones and make the space look more romantic. And if you always can place, for example, a pair of heart-shaped cushions or having these colors.

And what about a romantic message? You can always surprise your partner with a wreath as we see here that we can hang shelves, in the fireplace or directly on the wall.

Some may consider it a bit “tacky” or more appropriate for a birthday celebration, but with this we will get out of the decorative “norm” of this type of celebrations and it is also quite fun and even you can do it yourself.

If you are romantic, but not too cheesy, we recommend an option like this. You can buy some foils romantic Valentine 2017 sticker and decorate any living area. If you like later as a home decoration, you can leave it all year round and if you do not like it, do not worry, because these stickers are easily detached without leaving a mark on the wall.

We continue with discreet ideas and this vase escapes us. You can place it in any corner of your living room and give it a very sweet and romantic touch without being too exaggerated. To do this you just need some dry branches and a card with glitter to cut and paste hearts.

Finally, if you want to recycle your Christmas wreath, you can also make a crown heart for Valentines 2017. You can make it from many materials but the most used are red cardboard and petals.

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Valentine’s Day 2017 decoration for the bedroom

As for decoration Valentine for the bedroom, it is clear that our goal will be to get all the decoration or the attention to focus on the area of the bed and to do what better to light a soft mode or directly bet on candles

In addition, we can bet, surely one of the most beautiful details that can be given this day and is the fact of making a heart with petals on the bed, or actually placed petals all over the floor up to the bed. The detail of the cushions in red are also a success, and more combine perfectly with the bed set in black color, as we see in the photo above.

Another option is to place a heart but everything made with roses or with flowers that we like and then repeat something similar on the cushions. In this photo red flowers also combines perfectly with the bedding in white.

We can also opt for colored candles, which can be of all sizes and colors like red or white and place them around the room.

Also you can place any bedding or any case that has romantic stamped either hearts or flowers, as we see in this other photo and a bedroom with a very modern and enclose style.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something simple but to give him the room that romantic Valentine in touch 2017, you can choose a cushion with a romantic design, like these that you see below. And if you later like them too much, you can leave them all year round.

But the Valentine’s Day decor 2017 for the bedroom, not only is the bed. If you want, comprehend your partner, nothing better than to wake with a good romantic breakfast in bed. You can make heart-shaped toast, or spread a layer of heart-shaped cinnamon in a good hot chocolate or even accompany some dishes with flowers.

Finally, if you are romantic but do not want to leave aside your knowledge as an interior designer, we recommend you decorate the room in a romantic but also rustic way. Use clear color as white, the beige or gold and choose the dry branches as a key element of the decor.

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