How Smart Can a Home Security System Get?

We all want to keep our homes safe and secure. At one time all you needed to do that was some decent locks, but the world has moved on and things are now more sophisticated.
Burglary is still one of the most common crimes, but fortunately there are many technologies available today that can help you to keep your home secure.

How Smart Can a Home Security System Get

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Alarming Features

Alarm systems are a common feature of many homes, but these too have moved into the connected era. You can now get systems which can be controlled via your smartphone allowing you to monitor them remotely.

This can be tied in to a remotely monitored camera system that allows you to see whats happening in your home when you’re away. As well as security this is a good way of keeping an eye on pets for example. The next generation of smart security cameras will be able to use facial recognition to determine whether visitors are authorised.

The latest sensors can detect not just motion but also moisture, temperature changes and lighting, so your system can alert you to a variety of different conditions.

Perimeter Security

Controlling the outer borders of you property can be done using automatic gates, these too are a convenience as well as a security feature as you dont have to get out of your car in the rain to open them. Most companies like protonaccesscontrol.comsuppliers of Gloucestershire automatic gates are able to fit them to numerous types of property.

When it comes to the house itself you still need locks, but you dont necessarily need keys – there are now smart locks that you can open with your mobile phone or a smart tag. Fingerprint reader locks are also hitting the market; these can be programmed with a number of trusted users so you never need to worry about losing your keys or about the kids being unable to get in if they come home early. Most of these also have the option of PIN entry so you can – for example – admit trusted tradesmen.

If youre at home, an intercom system with a camera can let you see who’s at the gate or the door and find out what they want so you can decide whether or not to admit them.

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