Most users see no need streaming to use cable TV

Cable TV

We have said on several occasions as the streaming content not only because it is the future of television and other industries like music, but is present and is changing the way many users watch television, now much more personal and interactive.

Its not just sitting in front of the “idiot box” and sees what strings emit but increasingly more important the fact that the user can choose to want to see, how and when and here is streaming which it offers more possibilities.

Cable TV
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And here we come to mind platforms like Hulu or Netflix, the latter being the most named in a survey by AllFlicks whose results cannot qualify but as surprising, not unexpected but by bulky and assume a preview of something we did not expect so soon.

Most of the users surveyed indicate that the streaming may well be the future of television, so much so that 76% of subscribers of one of the platforms of this type of content they believe that sooner or later (sooner) the streaming replace television cable as we know it today.

And it is a surprise, but only relative, if we consider the decline of some of the cable networks, which increasingly seen as a major threat the emergence of proposals such as Netflix and the like, so much so that there are few that they are reaching agreements to broadcast their content on these platforms.

The only thing that judging by the opinions of some users, keeps still tied to cable networks, is the broadcasting of sporting events and news, which as we saw, is very close to also reach the streaming and that would be a brick more on the tomb of the cable.

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And against this avalanche of streaming to dominate the future of television, a curiosity that appears in the survey is that while cable and traditional TV go very wrong stops, the film remains an irreplaceable for most of the respondents factor, they were also subscribers Netflex mostly being 68% who would not give to go to the cinema to see a movie even if they could do the same at home from the couch.

We would not know to say whether a similar survey data obtained from the same would have been significantly similar, since the cable here is almost nonexistent but mostly because we do not know to what extent would be willing to prefer the cinema to the same movie view on the couch, although with regard to the future of streaming think we’re in the same boat.

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