How to Recognize Signs That Your Loved One Needs Assisted Living Senior Care

Signs That Your Loved One Needs Assisted Living Senior Care

If your loved one has a lot of trouble taking care of themselves, a messy house and bad hygiene are sure signs that it’s time to consider assisted living senior care. This option is great for those who want to keep their independence but still need help with everyday activities.

They Can’t Get Around

When a senior doesn’t keep up with their grooming habits or has an unusual odor, this is a clear sign that they struggle to care for themselves and need immediate assistance. This is also a sign that they should consider a move to assisted living senior care. An unkempt home environment can be dangerous for an older person. They may need more energy to vacuum floors, take out the trash, forget to cook meals, or even eat altogether. If a loved one falls frequently, it’s time to talk to them about moving into an assisted living facility. Frequent falls can lead to serious injuries, especially if they can’t immediately call for help.

They Can’t Take Care of Their Self

The emotional and physical stress of caregiving can cause burnout, leaving you less able to care for your loved one. This is a sign that it’s time to talk to them about assisted living. Changing your parent’s eating habits could be a sign they need help. They might start eating a lot of TV dinners or only eating packaged, frozen foods, which aren’t healthy for them. Another thing to look for is if they’ve stopped taking their medication or are skipping doses. Both of these things are serious and need to be addressed immediately.

They Can’t Manage Their Finances

If your loved one seems to struggle with paying bills, opening mail or making decisions about their finances, this could be a sign that they need assistance. You can help them find a care facility that can handle these responsibilities.

If you notice that your loved one doesn’t shower regularly or has a bad body odor, it may be a sign that they are struggling to care for themselves. It might be time to talk to their doctor about assisted living. Your loved one will probably be worried about being forgotten if they move to a care facility. You can counter this concern by talking with them more often in person and setting up FaceTime or other video calling services so you can stay in touch.

They Have Chronic Health Conditions

Often, older adults will deny the fact that they need more help. This can be very frustrating for families. However, observing your loved one closely is important for signs of needing full-time care, like taking out food that has gone bad in the refrigerator, wearing dirty clothes, or having an unusual body odor. You may also notice that they have difficulty managing their medical needs and forget to take their medications regularly. These are red flags that it is time to look into assisted living.

They Have a Messy House

When your loved one’s messy house becomes unmanageable, it could indicate they’re not doing well mentally. Messiness can be a symptom of mental illness, so it’s important to watch for this behavior. Keeping up with housework can become difficult for seniors living alone. This can cause them to skip meals, negatively impacting their health. It’s also easy for them to miss cleaning out their refrigerator, which can result in eating expired food. Assisted living homes offer meal services, making this situation much less stressful for your loved one. 

They Experience More Falls

When seniors experience more falls, it may be time for them to move into an assisted living facility. Frequently falling can lead to serious injuries and even death. If your loved one experiences frequent falls, it’s important to take them into a home with dedicated staff who can help them recover after a fall. Also, if your loved one is starting to neglect their appearance and you notice changes in their physical appearance, this is another sign they need assistance. Having staff who can wash clothes, clean rooms and provide grooming services can be a big relief for many seniors.

They Have An Unusual Odor

Has your elderly loved one begun to smell bad, or has their body odor changed noticeably? This could be a sign that they’re not taking care of themselves as well as they should. Another warning sign is when your elderly loved one loses track of their finances. This can lead to missing payments or forgetting to pay bills, which is dangerous for them and their financial health. Also, losing or gaining weight rapidly could indicate that they’re not getting the nutrition they need from their meals.

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