Types of Alcohol Licenses To Obtain For Your Restaurant

There is a lot of work that goes into running your own restaurant, and one task you do not want to skip is obtaining your TABC permit. You cannot serve alcohol to your customers without the proper license. There are many alcohol consulting companies that will help you obtain the right license in your state, such as Texas Alcohol Consulting.

You also need to figure out which license to obtain for your business. Here are several types of permits you can obtain for your restaurant.

RM Mixed Beverage in Restaurant Permit With Food and Beverage Certificate

When dining at a restaurant, customers like to order an alcoholic beverage with their meal. This permit allows you to sell beer, ale, wine, malt liquor and mixed drinks at your restaurant. Your customers must consume the alcohol inside your establishment.

MB Mixed Beverage Permit

This permit allows you to sell beer, ale, wine, malt liquor and mixed drinks to customers who are not ordering a meal at your restaurant. You may be running a smaller establishment with several alcoholic beverages. The beverages must be consumed inside your establishment.

Y Wine and Beer Retailer’s Permit for Railroad Dining, Buffet or Club Cars

If your establishment is located on a railroad car, then you need to obtain this permit to sell alcohol to your customers. It covers beer and wine sales from 14 percent to 17 percent, and the beverages can be consumed on the dining, buffet and club cars. The percentage of alcohol permitted depends on your local law.

There are also alcohol permits for retailers who are selling beverages to be consumed on and off the premises, so it is important to make sure you are obtaining the right permit for your establishment. Your alcohol consulting company will work with you to select the correct permit.

It usually takes up to six months to obtain your alcohol license, which puts a damper on opening your establishment by a certain date. However, companies such as Texas Alcohol Consulting can obtain your license in just 60 days. The company works through the rules and regulations to ensure your license is obtained legally.

You can find information such as permit types on the official website of the alcohol consulting company. Once you obtain the right license, you can begin serving alcohol to the customers of your establishment.

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