Important Categories Of Local News

Local news has its own unique style that separates it from the rest of major news outlet. While the rest of news outlets focus on big events around a nation or even the globe, local news pinpoints those very special insights into what makes a local area what it is. It’s perhaps the clearest news format for seeing how things are in the world you’re immediately in. West Los Angeles news has many fascinating categories of news that will keep you reading each day.

Headline news

There’s always a need for strong headlines even in local areas. These are the stories that capture people’s imaginations, hearts, and intellect. These should be the “big” stories in the area that inspire people or even raise awareness of important causes that are going on in West Los Angeles.


This is America! There will always be local sports teams, from minor league baseball teams, to high school basketball teams, to local golf sensations that inspire people who admire the competitive spirit. These athletes aren’t just athletes but often local heroes who take their passion for their sport off the field of play and into the community at large. Athletes often donate a large portion of their time to news stories so that they can increase awareness of what they’re doing in their sport AND so they can help the people in the community with their personal success story.

Financial news

West Los Angeles has investors just like the rest of the world and these people need to keep up with national financial stats that let them know how to invest more wisely. The financial numbers mean something in every local news outlet.


No matter where you live, there’s a thriving community around you that has theater, charities, and businesses that need more exposure to the outside world. These stories allow news outlets to let you know about the immediate society around you and the names in that society that matter at this point in time. The names and faces will change over the years, but this category of local news will always matter.

Crime stories

Criminals are a part of every local community. This section lets you know criminals on the loose or recent arrests that alert the community to a danger gone away.

All of these great categories form the heart of local news.

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