What is Headline Anxiety

For the past few years, many more people have found themselves suffering from a mental illness – and for many, this can come down to something that is part of life, and we are surrounded by a lot of the time – the news.

The term headline anxiety is often used to describe feelings of anxiety that are triggered by the news – and over the last few years it is hardly surprising that so many have become more anxious about this. The news has often been frightening and there have been lots of worries and concerns around it – from the pandemic, to the war in the Ukraine, to the cost of living crisis – these are just a few things that many people  have struggled to cope with.

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One of the reasons why so many can become this badly affected by the news, is the exposure that we have to it in the modern world. Nowadays, we can look at our phones and see yet another headline telling tales of doom, and it bombards us pretty much everywhere we go in this way.

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This then can cause our mental health to worsen, meaning that we then need to seek help to deal with what is going on. The editor of the New European Alastair Campbell has spoken a great deal about his mental health battles and is patron of mental health charities that can help you if you are struggling.

In the case of headline anxiety, the sooner you recognise and get help the better, and stepping back from the news, although not easy, is something that we all need to do at times.

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