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Five hot chocolate recipes essential and different for a perfect winter afternoon

Contemplating the rain from the window feeling the warmth of a cup of hot chocolate in your hands is one of the most rewarding feelings and wonderful world.

We show five recipes for hot chocolate that can be also completely different.

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All about sweeteners: What they are, where they come from and how they affect our bodies?

In search of a non-caloric substitute for sugar, we have at our disposal variety of alternatives, from different backgrounds, with different properties and effects on the body, so then we help you learnall about the different sweeteners found in the market.

Different sweeteners

Although the word sweetener includes anyone, sweeten food, today we dedicate specifically tonon-caloric sweetenersthat we usually use to save sugar calories without losing sweetness.

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Keep Your Food Safe with Proper Packaging and Storage

People get sick from food all of the time. They may get something that is as simple as an upset stomach that passes after just a couple of hours or they may get something that is serious and lands them in the hospital and takes powerful drugs in order to help them get better. Unfortunately, there are even some of food related illnesses that can cause a person to die. It is very important for you to understand how to store and package food in order to keep it free from mold and had a wide variety of contaminants. This will protect your health or the health of your family.

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Swiss chocolate pudding

Swiss chocolate pudding: Cream dessert recipe without eggs

When I was little we used to go to Switzerland to visit family in summer, and remember that fascinated me walk into any supermarket. Before the madness of yoghurts and dairy desserts flooded our stores, there we took centuries ahead with the offer, and my brother and I particularly loved us very popular desserts of chocolate in the Helvetic country. I met by chance with the recipe for this pudding without egg Swiss chocolate and I could not resist.

The same Swiss have adopted the term pudding, and it seems appropriate because it neither is a pudding nor is they custards. At least they are not because they do not carry egg, at least as I understand it. It is simply a creamy dairy dessert very easy to prepare that will richer the better the quality of chocolate, if possible Swiss – okay, is not entirely necessary-. You can adjust the sweet to the taste point, I prefer not to be too gooey and enjoy the taste of cocoa creamy tablespoons format.

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Could Cold Press Juices Be the Sports Drink of the Future?

A new organic cold press juice has taken the US fitness market by storm by bridging a gap between sports drinks and supplements and providing workout enthusiasts with a natural, healthy alternative. Image Credit The WellWell cold press supplement could signify an important shift in what we drink after exercise. What Are Sports Drinks? Sports Read More

Reduce acne

Foods that reduce acne

Have some skin problem is something that despair, anguish and stressed because many people are concerned about how they look and how long you will be with him. See a dermatologist who values the course of treatment is necessary, but also what we eat determines the health of the skin. For those who still seek the best treatments, which can be found in foods that reduce acne.

A study by the American Journal of Nutrition reveals that frequent intake of foods rich in nutrients brings great benefits to your skin.

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Avocado Properties

Everything about the avocado: Properties, benefits and use in the kitchen

The fruit of the avocado is one of the most appreciated by us all food: the avocado tree (tree and fruit have the same name) comes from the area of Mexico and Central America, which began to be cultivated for thousands of years, and from there his cultivation has spread to many countries.

Long section avocado has been erroneously concept of healthy food because of its high fat. Today was closer to the low sugar that era low fat, we speak of this fruit of its properties and its benefits for our body.

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Easy ice cream

Easy ice cream frozen strawberries – Recipe for sweet tooth

When the strawberry season I always find time to freeze a few, because I can well prepare thiseasy strawberry ice creamfrozen that we love them all and it has taken me more than a trouble when there have been unexpected guests.

I always think I have to cheer with other fruits to make this recipe, such as raspberries also freeze very well, but I still have not released.Instead of using a large mold like me, you can alsouse ramekins with some nice way.

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Food for thought: birds and food production – not a good combination

Most of us think favourably of birds and like to encourage them into our gardens; however, birds can become a health and safety nuisance if they roost in the wrong places, possibly spreading disease. This is especially a concern for businesses that produce food.

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Chicken Rolls

Rolls of chicken breast with spinach

This roll of chicken breast is a very easy dish to prepare and cook quickly. They have the advantage that they can be left prepared in advance and finish them just before submitting them to the table. They are also excellent for casual meals and snacking can present as cut lid.

For those who are dragging it with Vegetables is a way to eat because cheese and juicy breast become a bite of the most delicious. I hope you enjoy this recipe…

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