5 Tips to Reduce Food Waste

Food Waste

It is undeniable that there is a considerable loss of food worldwide, with figures that make the hair stand on end if we consider that there are many people who starve. It is great that governments get involved and take action to resolve this serious problem, but we can contribute our grain of sand, so we will give you 5 tips to reduce food waste.

In our own homes sometimes occur food losses that besides the guilty conscience that supposed negative impact on our economy. With a little organization, it is easy to take advantage of the leftovers of what we cook and diminish our indiscriminate purchase, continue reading to know how to get it.

Food Waste
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1. Make a weekly shopping list

It may seem like obvious advice, but do not always know properly perform the weekly shopping list. It is best to have a notebook in the kitchen, in which we will write down during the week what we need or need to replace. This is the best way to make sure that we are only going to include what we really need. We must also stick to what we have included in our list.

2. Photograph the pantry and refrigerator before going to the supermarket

How many times have we bought a packet of rice to check, when we got home, that we already had two in the pantry. To avoid duplication of products that just end up lapsing, it is best to take a picture of what we have to check whether we really need. Needless to say, having an orderly pantry is a big help.

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3. Organize menus for the whole week

In fact, just by knowing in advance what we will cook for the next four or five days, lets consider what we will do with leftovers and if these can be harnessed to any subsequent menu. Making a weekly menu will also allow us to buy ingredients that we can use in several dishes.

4. Using the freezer

Our freezer is an indispensable tool to exploit both as food leftovers that are about to expire. There are many ingredients that can be frozen, even if they do not look like eggs (previously beaten), cheeses or many fruits that we can later use in tasty shakes. Do not forget to note the date of freezing.

5. Measure the portions of food according to the diners

If we want to reduce leftovers it is best to cook the right quantities, think “better than too little” is an error that can destabilize our family finances. Getting the perfect portion requires some cooking practice, but nothing that cannot be achieved. Having a good food scale is a sure help.

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