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autonomous car

The future of autonomous cars could be in the tiny sensor

Autonomous cars may be able to determine physical spaces, the location of other people or other objects like cars in real time and also do so accurately, is key to this technology. For this use it is made of so- called LIDAR sensors (Light Detection and Ranging or Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) technology using a laser beam to determine the distance between the transmitter and an object or surface.

The disadvantage of these sensors is their size and price that can cost tens of thousands of dollars, that although there are smaller options where the price is almost the same. But this could change in the future because of a new development that aims to have the benefits of a LIDAR sensor smaller than a grain of rice chip.

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Lamborghini Roadster

Lamborghini Roadster Centenario, when exclusive costs 2 million

After presenting theLamborghini Centenario, which was held at the last Geneva Motor Show, theLamborghini Roadster Centenariocomes to complete the offer already announced in March: 20 closed units, 20 units open.

It is time to talk about the latter: the convertibles, which will cost2 million dollars, plus tax.It is not necessary to look athow you run the bank because they are all sold already.The strategy of creating exclusive series that began with the LamborghiniReventnand continued with theSesto Elemento, theAventador JandPoisonbears fruit, so that Sant’Agata Bolognese keep doing what is working them at prices few units scandal of a product that has its charm.

Designed by the Centro Stile Lamborghini, the Lamborghini Roadster Centenario is the result of a compromise between beauty and the need to obtain the best performance without sacrificing comfort.

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air conditioning

How much does the air conditioning in your car?

You have arrived the heat, and in Spain we notice but based on well. Take a trip in mid – afternoon, or back to the car after having left it parked in the sun, you can assume little more than a faint heat that can accumulate inside the car, like a greenhouse.

Today there are very few cars not equipped with air conditioning, or any variant technologically similarly, call it what you call: manual climate control, automatic climate control, electronic climate control, dual zone climate control, Trizone, cuatrizone … Essentially we always refer a cold machine. Let’s see briefly how it works, and above all, how much you spend.

Take hot air, cool it and put it in the passenger compartment

At this point no one should be surprised if we say that the air conditioning consumes energy, or in other words, in a petrol or diesel car consumes (or gas, or whatever you use your car to get around). They are whims of physics and thermodynamics in particular, but to do a job (with frictions, resistances, losses, etc.) have no choice but to consume energy.

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Nissan: You need a car brand to keep the future

Since there is a consciousness of human beings, a basic concern has been, repeatedly, concern about finding out who we are, remember where we came from and predict where we are going. This triple concern, properly conjugate has served to model the evolution and development of each society.

A few years ago that Nissan has been rising where we are going, while trying to predict what the future of mobility. Now, Nissan Futures opens the way for debate while offering a broad perspective on some elements that could shape the cities of the future: from cars that do not pollute in the city until a curious energy management.

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Will the revised VW Tiguan punch above its weight?

Its reputation dented by the emissions scandal, VW is keen to get things back on track and entice buyers into its showrooms again. One of the ways in which it hopes to achieve this is with the launch of new models such as the revised Tiguan.

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Audi will be the spearhead of the Volkswagen group with hydrogen fuel cell

Audi has a new head in the area of technological development.It’s called these days Stefan Knirsch and lays the foundation for what will be the strategy of the brand with the four rings in relation to thegroup to which itbelongs.In that regard, Knirsch has come to defendthe technology offuel cell hydrogen, despite the announced and next bet manufacturer with electric models.

Thus, Audi plans to launch, inparallel with its strategy with the electric car, an SUV with fuel cell hydrogen to give credibility to thestart of the legacyh-tron, after showing the way in the past Hall of Detroitwith theAudi Quattro Concept H-tron. The head of Audi suggests that this could come in 2018.

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Tesla Model S

The next Tesla Model S is close to 500 km of autonomy, as it likes to Mercedes

A Tesla Model S that comes close to500 kilometers without charge batteries?That is the next model that youhave to leave factoriesTesla Motors, as we know, although the company has not addressed an official presentation.In addition, we know thanks to a hacker.

In electric cars,autonomy is the main specification, and that inpure and hard featuresare going tosurprise each day.Discover new,more capable models, with new technologies leads us to get usedto the idea that a future without fuel meets our needs perfectly.The nextTesla Model S P100Dcomes to break new barriers.


As good computer with wheels that is the Model S, the system that gives life will be updated based firmwares.Every time yousee one, there are people like the ‘hacker’Jason Hughesthat deals with finding news in these data.

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Toyota Aygo

What should be the ideal city car?

Are you looking for a car to visit the city each day? You need a car that is agile, small on the outside but very capable, fun, efficient, and which is connected to the latter. Moreover, if it makes better highlight.

For everyday use in an urban environment, you need a small car, but only from outside. A car segment under 3.5 meters long, to come into tight spaces and finds no bend or twist too far.

Small but well used inside for four adults and a trunk in which you fit the last shopping or two travel bags for weekend escape. You need more than 150 liters, so you had better have the actual 168-liter Toyota Aygo.

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BMW X5 Le Mans

BMW X5 Le Mans, recalling the first performance SUV

Today SUV models talk about 600 horses is not far-fetched.BMW has two in its range that touch that figure, theX5 M and X6 M. Mercedes has the65 AMGwith 630 hp or63 AMG GLE585.

But all of this performance SUV started back in 2000 with a special prototype that today we remember, theBMW X5 Le Mans.What was it about?So basically the first generation X5 a engine V12 that won Le Mans.

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Porsche 918 Spyder

Porsche develops its hybrid and electric technology supercars before applying it to other cars

Porsche sports cars ever built. Since the first Porsche 356 from the 50 to 911 undaunted, through remote current initial concept models as the Panamera, Cayenne or Macan, the German brand has always imbued his creations with a touch of sportiness that other brands have failed attain.

So, we can say that sportsmanship is intrinsic to the DNA of the brand, a brand that in recent years has managed to reinvent itself to making use of the most modern and avant-garde technology, keep making more and more sports cars and while respectful of the environment. We tell you what the secret of Porsche to make hybrid and electric little time with those who already dreams of any lover of sports cars.

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