Towing tips for winter weather

Towing can be tricky at the best of times but in winter it is even more so. When the roads become more treacherous than usual, it is wise to know how to handle towing safely.

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The first priority is to make sure that the towing vehicle is in good condition and winter ready. Check the brakes and that all tyres are at the correct pressure. Checking over the trailer is a good idea too but even more so in the winter when the weather could be bad and there are less hours of daylight. Check the lights and the wiring, ensure all lug nuts are tightened and examine the tyres for damage. For your Trailer Parts needs, visit Auto and Trailer, suppliers of Trailer Parts.

No matter what the weather is doing, the way the weight is distributed on the trailer is very important. More weight should be placed towards the front of the trailer. Securing the trailer load is also essential in any weather conditions but all of these measures require additional consideration in hazardous conditions.

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Important things to consider when towing in winter weather include:

  • Leave yourself plenty of time to stop as it will take longer to stop with a trailer even in good weather.
  • Before turning, slowly brake in a straight line before taking the turn.
  • When coming out of a turn, continue to accelerate slowly in a straight line.
  • If experiencing a jackknife, it is wise to accelerate to get back into a straight line and then brake gently to get back in control.

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