Got a Clunker? Selling Junk Cars for Cash

As of 2017, there are almost 270 million registered passenger vehicles on American roads. That’s a 9 million vehicle increase over 2016 alone. Since the average lifespan of each roadworthy vehicle is approximately 11.4 years, that accounts for a huge chunk of limited and valuable resources used just for transportation. Only 6% of American households lease at least one vehicle, so many cars are used or well-worn by the time the title changes ownership. And, of course, the older the vehicle is or the harder it’s used, the more likely it is to have serious and expensive issues. When a vehicle becomes too expensive to maintain, it can seem like you’re out of options. Fortunately, you can still sell your junk car for cash. But why should you consider such a thing?

Recycled Materials Help Save the Planet

Many new cars are manufactured with freshly mined iron ore and new steel. While the $90 billion steel manufacturing industry is currently struggling, it never gives up. Of course, mining steel doesn’t just involve removing the iron ore in a clean and harmless manner. Industry tools and vehicles cut the land and threaten the safety of local waterways. Natural habitats are disturbed, leaving many animal species in need of a new home. And the mess often left behind at the mining site can be a forgotten eyesore and potential danger on its own.

Improperly Disposed Car Components Take Up Serious Landfill Space

While almost 90% of vehicle parts can be easily recycled, many car owners still improperly dispose of their clunker components by tossing them in the trash or carting them to landfills. Scrap tires are among the biggest concern as they aren’t biodegradable but are quite flammable. The resulting tire fires spread through the landfills, accumulating toxic gas and causing dangerous explosions. Colorado’s Tire Mountain alone was once reported as containing 80 million scrap tires at one time. Fortunately, tire clean up programs across the nation have removed 90% of scrap tires for recycling and repurposing efforts. Carting your tires and other clunker components to a scrap or recycling center helps ensure the toxic and dangerous outcomes from tire fires can be avoided.

Your Junk Car May Be Worth a Mint

Steel accounts for approximately 60% of the weight of the average automobile. And what most people don’t realize is that the heavy metal can be recycled over and over again without losing strength. But it’s not the only metal used, and it’s certainly not just used for the body. Aluminum, copper, and even platinum can be found, removed, and recycled or reused by knowledgeable professional recycle centers or scrap yards. Batteries, wiring, catalytic converters, and even GPS systems all contain materials that can easily be retrieved and recycled or reused. That can make you several hundred dollars richer in the process.

Selling Junk Cars for Cash Can Be a Lucrative Business

Sure, you can make some extra cash when you recycle a junk car. But if you have access to multiple cars or components, you can turn it into a lucrative business while helping the planet. You’ll need to have titles in your name for the actual vehicles, but most component recycling is trouble-free. And no worries if you can’t drive it in. We’ll tow it free of charge. Call us today to sell your junk car for cash.

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