We have 9 reasons to convince you that Indonesia is your destination


From Newspaper of the Traveler, usually what you want is that pique a little bug and go out of the comfort zone of regular travel. Today is one of those days when we tempt you with something more exotic destination and try to enjoy finding places in a country that is perhaps the most visited beach areas and resorts. There are more things, so we have 9 reasons to convince you that Indonesia is your destiny.

Obviously, in a country of nearly 17,508 islands and more than 250 million inhabitants (fourth most populous country in the world) for us they will be things in the pipeline. Many, rather all to be exact, but something will have to start, so a little bit of everything is not bad, from bugs, temples, through stunning parks and cities of contrasts. This is Indonesia.

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Jakarta, a city of contrasts

Who they visit count is perhaps the capital of Southeast Asia with fewer visits to Western tourists, and assume that East as well. Many will say that it is not worth, but Jakarta, the capital of this country, located on the island of Java has these great contrasts that leave you with your mouth open. So you find the same neighborhood come straight from the 40s, like you teleport seeing buildings and cars.

Moreover, just a few kilometers you can find an ultramodern mosque, heating, majestic carpet and everything you could ask for to the latest technologies. Given that, you can hurt neck to look at the ceiling and did not get to see it.

Komodo Dragons

The same is not the reason you expected to decide to visit a country, but the Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) is there also to give a reason. It is the largest lizard in the world, measuring two to three meters and weighing up to 70 kilos. Only you’ll find the archipelago of 5 islands: Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang, and Padar. They are carnivores and large predators, and not much better you go near.

“Losing” in the jungle of Sumatra

With virtually the entire surface full of vegetation, Sumatra is a good place to visit parks, observe elephants whose mission is to protect l to Tangkahan forest or orangutans Bukit Lawang. Kerinci Seblat in the largest natural park on the island, you will see tigers and Sumatran rhino … and of course, if a coffee this is the place must be taken.

Diving among coral

If you’re into sports holidays have to go diving to Indonesia. Around the islands, you will find the 75% of known coral species in the world. In addition to nearly 2000 species of fish living among them. With this water panorama I do not think there’s anyone who can resist.

Prambanan Temples

Prambanan is a set of more than 200 Hindu temples built in the ninth century on the island of Java dedicated to Trimurti, the three gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and were classified as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1981.

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As Mount Bromo, an active east of Java, about 2,329 meters high, and are within the volcano Bromo Semeru National Park Tender, and is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the island. Yes, its name comes from the pronunciation of Brahma.

Borobudur temple

Everything that is said about Borobudur is an understatement. It is the most visited tourist attraction across the country, and the world’s largest Buddhist monument, and as such place of pilgrimage. It is estimated that construction began in the eighth century and abandoned in the fourteenth century with the decline of Buddhism and conversion to Islam of the islanders. For centuries the volcanic ash and vegetation swallowed it until in 1835 was completely dug up.


Most often when people talk about going to Indonesia first thing that emerges it is Bali but Lombok is a similar option paradisiacal beaches known for its good surf and a mountainous interior, and the Gili nearby islands surrounded by coral reefs and with a charm like no other, there does not move one motorcycle or car, but by bicycle or horse – drawn carriage. It is said that everything you find in Bali in Lombok but there is not the reverse.

Lighthouse Lengkuas

In 1882 the Dutch built on the small island of Lengkuas a lighthouse 12 plants today still running. To visit will have to take a boat from one of the nearby islands and will not take more than 20 minute to get there. Each floor has a large window to go looking at the view as you climb to the top.

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