Spring makes the most beautiful cities in the world prettier


Spring is not only noticeable in nature; it also has an incredible effect on the aesthetics of our favorite cities of the world. It is at this time of year when the light begins to shine more strongly, its reflection enhancing the color of all structures and buildings, plants bloom and everything is much greener and amazing. We invite you to take a tour of some of the most beautiful cities in the world, now even more beautiful.

New York

Spring in New York is one of the main attractions of this city, the perfect time to enjoy a warmer climate, although the rain usually occurs. It is one of the ideal moments to stroll along the 843 hectares of Central Park, one of the favorite places to escape the hustle and bustle of traffic. In the image a photo of Paolo Pettigiani, who has been able to retouch the city to get all its colors?

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Spring is an unpredictable time in London, a crazy mix of sunshine and rainfall with mild touches of winter flavor. Even so, April and May are usually light rainy and sunny months in the British capital, which invites you to enjoy a picnic, as do the true Londoners in one of the fantastic parks of the city.


It is worth traveling to this city in spring, the moment of maximum flowering to witness one of its greatest pride: its cherry blossoms. The ideal time is from late March to early April.

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The days are long, the trees are in bloom, the temperatures rise and the air smells of the holidays that are about to arrive. Discover Paris in the spring is to have the opportunity to stroll along the banks of the Seine, its gardens, cycling or enjoy long hours sitting on a terrace.


At last, free from winter lethargy, tulips bloom in every color you can imagine, the sunshine and the trees by the canals are painted bright green. Take advantage of spring to kick the city without respite.


The first rays of sunshine appear and the Berliners flock to the parks and the garden (typical breweries) to celebrate the arrival of spring. Another of the main attractions of the city with the arrival of good weather are the markets.

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