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Swiss chocolate pudding

Swiss chocolate pudding: Cream dessert recipe without eggs

When I was little we used to go to Switzerland to visit family in summer, and remember that fascinated me walk into any supermarket. Before the madness of yoghurts and dairy desserts flooded our stores, there we took centuries ahead with the offer, and my brother and I particularly loved us very popular desserts of chocolate in the Helvetic country. I met by chance with the recipe for this pudding without egg Swiss chocolate and I could not resist.

The same Swiss have adopted the term pudding, and it seems appropriate because it neither is a pudding nor is they custards. At least they are not because they do not carry egg, at least as I understand it. It is simply a creamy dairy dessert very easy to prepare that will richer the better the quality of chocolate, if possible Swiss – okay, is not entirely necessary-. You can adjust the sweet to the taste point, I prefer not to be too gooey and enjoy the taste of cocoa creamy tablespoons format.

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