Loss Prevention for Grocers

Every size of grocery store from small independent operators to large national supermarkets need to implement effective loss prevention plans. Grocery stores are especially vulnerable to theft. Numerous factors contribute to nearly ideal conditions for would-be thieves. Theft can be difficult to detect in these settings because of their immense square footage, aisled layout, massive product selection, and volume of each product on its shelves. Here are a few ways that managers can surmount some of the challenges and reduce the occurrence of theft.

Train Staff How to Recognize and Handle Shoplifting

Everyone working in a grocery store should receive training about signs of shoplifting as well as how to address it. Personnel stocking shelves and cleaning the store can be very effective at detecting theft.

Hire Professional Security Officers

A security officer standing at the entrance of the store is a strong display to customers that a store takes security very seriously. People may be a lot less likely when they see a uniformed guard on the premises. The presence of a guard is typically a lot more intimidating to a potential shoplifter than the presence of a store’s own staff. If managers need assistance from an unarmed security officer Rockford IL to cover peak hours, it is best to work with a specialty security provider with experience monitoring places and events that receive a high volume of patrons.

Use Cameras

Good placement of video cameras can be very effective in both identifying and deterring theft. Some stores opt to make cameras relatively inconspicuous while others purposefully choose attention-grabbing mountings or casings to demonstrate to shoppers that someone is watching them. It is best to put cameras in aisles where stores keep the most frequently purchased items as well as expensive items.

When a store’s margins are relatively modest, any loss prevention is a serious issue. Proactive plans to reduce loss may be well worth the effort.

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