Why We Love the Great British Fete

British summertime means the great British fete. We all love a fete on the village green or school playing fields and they have become a wonderful tradition marking our celebration of the sunnier skies and warmer weather. So, what makes a fete so irresistible?

The White Elephant Stall

It might be second hand donated goods but you never know when you might find a hidden gem. Us Brits love a good rummage and finding a bargain so combining the two makes for the perfect fete experience. While most of it might be tatty cast-offs, when you know the money is going to charity, youll pretty much buy anything!

The Weather

A glorious summer day in Britain is a sight to behold. It might not happen as often as wed like but the show does go on come rain or shine. A well-planned and prepared fete organiser will make sure that the most important stands, i.e the cake contest should be under an awning of some sort. Due to the erratic nature of our weather, sudden downpours are to be expected so if youre planning an outdoor event, think about Marquee Hire Kent. For more information, visit https://www.2intents.co.uk/

The Cake Stand

While on the subject of cake, you cannot visit a British fete without seeing a cake baking competition or a stand, manned by the wonderful ladies of the WI, with plates of lemon drizzle, Victoria sponge and the finest Carrot cake known to man. Where would we be without tea and cake? Even in the heat of the afternoon sun!

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The Beer Tent

Possibly even more popular than the cake stands, but only just, is the tent where the booze is served. This is a chance for local breweries to shine and people to take it easy after the strenuous games of tug o war and cricket. Beer in plastic pint glasses is as much to be expected at a British fete as a charity raffle and a lucky dip stall.

The Bunting

No self-respecting fete would go ahead without Union Jack bunting or bunting of any description in fact. Apparently, bunting-making can become quite a competitive activity with hours spent cutting up old material and dads old shirts to create a hanging masterpiece. Shop-bought bunting is apparently for us half-hearted town folk!

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The Show

Whether its Dog who looks most like its owner or ferret racing, we do love a good bit of afternoon entertainment on the green. Could there be a local celebrity coming or at least the local radio station? Dog agility, local firemen, brass bands and fancy-dress contests youll find them all on offer during summer shows in Britain.


Coconut shy, throwing the wet sponge at a local authority figure, goal kicks, hook-a-duck and hoopla are absolutes staples of fete tradition and at 50p a go, much cheaper than rides at the fair. Who can resist winning a fun-size bag of sweets or a pencil and notepad? Seriously, its the fun of taking part that counts and we do love taking part.

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