When Do You Need Irrigation Services?

Do you know when to call a professional for irrigation services? You should consider several factors before you make a decision, such as the amount of pressure on your irrigation system, what you should expect from neighbors, and whether you should be doing the work yourself or hiring a professional irrigation contractor.

Water Pressure

When installing irrigation valves, you must know the water pressure. This is measured in PSI, or pounds per square inch in the US. In other countries, it is measured in Bar. It is this pressure that pushes water through pipes. According to experts in irrigation services Massachusetts,  There are several ways to increase the water pressure in an irrigation system, including installing a pump and increasing the elevation of the water tank.

A good way to solve low water pressure is to install a pressure regulator near the irrigation system’s mainline. These devices help lower the water pressure to a level that’s safe for use by household appliances. You can also buy a special type of irrigation valve with a pressure regulating module that can apply different pressure levels to different irrigation system zones. 

Hydro Zoning

Hydro zoning is a concept of grouping plants with similar water needs to conserve water. This approach is useful for garden design and irrigation. By grouping plants in similar hydro zones, water needs can be controlled while ensuring that different plants receive the same amount of water. It can also help reduce water bills. Hydrozones can be identified using rough-drawn bubble areas on plans. The zones are then assigned water requirements based on their maturity. For example, some people may decide to place a lush “oasis” zone near the house, while others might want to place a natural area with low water needs. 

Neighbors’ Responsibilities

Neighbors have rights, but there are also certain responsibilities that they should understand when using an irrigation service. For example, if runoff from your property is flooding a neighbor’s yard, you should make sure that you follow the laws regarding surface water flow. In some states, you should not impound or divert water from one property to another without their consent. Most focus group participants expressed that homeowners should be good water stewards. In addition, they said that they would like to learn more about water conservation and how to save money by reducing their water use.

Hiring A Professional Irrigation Contractor

If you need irrigation services on your property, it is always wise to hire a professional contractor. Professionals will provide you with written instructions for operating the system. A qualified contractor will not just charge you for their work but also stand behind it. You should always ask for references before hiring a company for irrigation services.

The internet can be a great resource for finding irrigation companies willing to provide the services you need. You can look up a company’s reputation on sites like Yelp! and the Better Business Bureau and find out whether they are licensed to work in your area. 

Winterizing An Irrigation System

If you have an irrigation system, you must take precautions to prevent it from freezing and damaging your pipes. The freezing and expansion of water inside pipes can result in expensive repairs. Many irrigation professionals use polyethylene pipes to avoid these problems. These pipes are more pliable than PVC pipes and more resistant to frost. However, even polyethylene pipes can still be damaged by freezing water.

Before the first hard freeze hits, you need to drain your irrigation lines. This can be done manually or by blowing out water using an air compressor. To drain your irrigation lines manually, locate the low points of the system and open manual valves. 

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