What You Need To Know About Behind-the-Scenes Business Planning

When you make your to-do list for your business’s opening day, you think about hiring employees, ordering your products, and running the checkout lines. However, these logistical issues also need your attention if you want your first day to go smoothly.

Internet and Phone Access

If you don’t have reliable network cabling Nashville, your opening day is doomed before it begins. No business these days can operate without regular access to the Internet as well as phone services. Unless you only accept cash and write down your sales by hand, you need Wi-fi to log your transactions, communicate with vendors, and track your hours.

Backup Plans

What happens when your card reader doesn’t connect to your company iPad properly, or one of your products is defective? A few weeks before your store opens, brainstorm the most likely complications you’ll face on your first day, and come up with solutions for them. For example, learn how to enter card data manually, and contact your vendors about their return processes. Not only does this exercise prevent disaster on your first day, but it also helps calm your nerves.

Time Tracking

Don’t wait until your employees start showing up for their first shifts to decide how to track their hours. Sign-in sheets are all right for the very beginning of your company, but they’re too open to lying and time theft to be sustainable. Invest in a time-tracking service that allows your employees to check in from their phones or a company computer. These services also streamline payroll by calculating each employee’s hours for you, so you can think about more important things as your second week of business draws to a close.

Address these concerns before you open your doors, and enjoy the way your extensive preparations translate into a calm first week.

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