The Ongoing Battle Against Cancer

This year we have all been aware of how quickly we can lose our good health and matters of public health have been at the forefront of the news due to the virus COVID-19 spreading throughout the world.

Although this deadly illness is certainly something that we all need to be careful of, certainly until the public vaccination program is well underway, another deadly illness that is still claiming millions of lives is cancer.

There are many different types of cancer and treatments have improved enormously over the last few decades – the general rule is the earlier you have it diagnosed, the easier it is to treat. But the research into new treatment and drugs for this killer illness is still something which is going on, as despite the best efforts of scientists and doctors it is still claiming many lives.

There are many clinical trials going on to look at medication which can help to treat cancer, such as these adaptive phase 1 studies by Richmond Pharmacology. But there is a lot that we still have to learn about cancer and its many varying forms.

Doctors and scientists also spend a lot of time researching the causes of cancer and how we can make lifestyle choices that prevent cancers developing – for example, once it was believed that smoking was good for you, until studies showed the links between smoking and cancers.

Doctors also look at how cancer diagnosis can be improved, therefore making the cancer easier to treat, as it can be detected much faster.

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