The fine art of communication

The fine art of communication is difficult to master in any situation, business or personal. However, communication is the one tool that everyone should try to develop because it helps us to get along better with others and is effective in expressing essential thoughts and ideas. This is no less true for families. The dynamics in the modern day family can be very complicated, with blended families being a norm in this day and age. This is why it behooves all families to practice this fine art as much as possible, for the purpose of growth, understanding, and tolerance.

Meanings are in People Not in Words
Often, two people can use the same word and derive two totally different meanings from the same word. This is why its extremely important to ask for clarification before you assume that you understand what someone is saying. Dont be afraid to ask questions. Questions move you closer to the true meanings a particular person may assign to a word. That’s the type of information you need to truly understand what they are expressing.

Maintain a Thick Skin
Acute sensitivity is the nemesis of effective communication. If words and how people use them cause you to curl up in a ball emotionally, it will be very difficult to build understanding and honest and open communication with someone. Trade your sensitivity for the desire to understand and be understood. This will yield far greater rewards.

Practice Practice Practice
During a conflict, it is common for people to shut down and avoid further communication. This often a good idea until tensions subside. However, once everyone has calmed down, the second attempt at effective communication should be made. The goal should be resolve and understanding. Avoidance will never result in more understanding, and definitely not resolve. Move past discomfort, calm down, and try again. The art of practicing this skill is not complicated, it just requires consistency. You need no extra tools or concertina razor wire, just the desire to practice this skill.

Effective Communication is a tool that we will need to use our entire lives. Although its not easy, its absolutely worth practicing. With time and consistency, you will become proficient at this essential skill.

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