The Dangers Of A Chemical Leak On Soil

The dangers of a chemical spill on soil are real and can cause serious problems that can be deadly if they leak or evaporate into the air. Chemicals are used in a vast majority of agricultural practices. When chemicals are not handled properly and stored properly, they can leak out and pose a real risk to people, plants and wildlife. There are two main storage methods for chemicals in agriculture: chemical generation and the chemical transport method. There are many more potential sources of leaks than these two, but these are some of the most common.

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Any leak or evaporation of stored chemical water poses a very real and dangerous threat to people who may come in contact with the spilled chemical – or who walk around after it has leaked. The dangers of a chemical spill on soil are exacerbated by weathering, meaning that any exposed soil will degrade over time. If this happens, the groundwater may become polluted and there is the possibility of arsenic contamination. For a Land Remediation Company, go to a site like Soilfix

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The dangers of a chemical spill on soil tend to revolve around the risk of leaking chemicals and contamination of groundwater, especially if the chemical has evaporated from the soil onto the ground. This is of course a big concern if it happens after the crop season has finished, because crops rely on soil for their survival. In addition to this problem, there is also the problem of transporting chemicals and cleaning up contaminated soil – both of which increases the risk to people and damage to crops.


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