Showing off your spreadsheets in style.

Easily one of the most effective tools that MS Office has brought to the world is that of the Excel spreadsheet. This versatile application has actually been around since the dawn of Microsoft’s beginnings in 1978. The main draw of using it was that it was a lot simpler than many other systems around at the time. The most common accounts and statistics  package was that of Lotus 1-2-3 but Excel slowly began to replace it as the norm following its first version that was established throughout the 1980’s. There wasn’t an update until Version two arrived in 1987. This sought to iron out the problems that the original had had. It was the just the beginning of many updates culminating in the last one from 2016.

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There are a huge amount of options that the Excel spreadsheets gives you. Not only is it useful for illustrating accounts or financial planning it is also able to convert this statistical data into a variety of media such as Bar charts and Pie charts. There is also the option from some companies to convert data from a PDF to Excel document allowing you to use it and have a truly professional finish.

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Whatever your financial data display needs the Excel spreadsheet package still represents one of the best ways to interpret, record and present it.

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