How to bring wooden flooring back to life

If you have ever had your wooden floors sanded, in every room on every floor, you will be very, very sure that this is not an experience you will ever repeat. It is incredibly messy, for weeks after, and sanders are unbelievably noisy.

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Your floors will look the bees knees, of course, but is there an easier, cleaner, quicker and cheaper way to get great-looking wooden floors?

Scratched floorboards

The quick cure for scratched floorboards is screening, which is fast and cheap. The first action is to lightly sand the top layer, which is polyurethane; next, apply a new top coat. Thats it!

This method does not work to such a great extent if the damage is deeper and penetrates past the polyurethane layer into the wood itself. A wooden flooring company such as will have a range of products with which to care for your floor.

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You might be the owner of original Victorian floorboards that are in too bad a state to reclaim. The answer here is to paint. White or pale grey painted floorboards look stunning; alternatively, be creative with colour. A new look is easy to achieve with a brush and a new colour of paint, so get creative. The effect is only as limited as your imagination – you could even go for a Pollock-inspired look!

Dont forget to apply a base coat first to stop oils leaching through and discolouring your paint.

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