Benefits of Adding Open Storage to Your Kitchen

When you watch home design shows on networks like HGTV, you’ll find that professionals often opt for open storage. This can include large shelving used in place of cabinets on the walls and cabinets that are open and lack any doors. Though you might think that open storage won’t work in your own kitchen, there are some benefits to adding these storage options.

Cut Down on Clutter

One benefit of open storage is that you can cut down on your clutter. When you have traditional cabinets, you’ll often find that you keep things you should throw away or donate. If you’re like most people, you might even have a few cabinets that you reserve just for the old pots and pans and other items you don’t want to toss. With open shelving, everything you own is out and on display. As you won’t want to display old or trashed items, you can cut down on your clutter.

Find Things Easily

Another benefit of open storage is that you can more easily find everything you need. Instead of digging through cabinets to find a pot to cook dinner, you’ll know exactly where that pot is with one look across the shelves. Many people find that open storage helps them with organization too. They usually set aside specific cabinets for different items or cooking supplies, including baking and cookie sheets and larger pots and pans.

Part of Your Design

When talking with kitchen and bath experts San Diego residents often find that experts like open shelving because they can incorporate the storage into the overall design of a kitchen. Do you have a set of colorful plates that you love and wish you could show off? With open cabinets, you can let those plates become a focal point for the room. Some homes even display plates and other items in matching colors in different sections of the cabinets. When you add open storage to your kitchen, you can make that storage part of your overall design and cut down on clutter while organizing all your tools.

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