4 Factors to Consider When Buying Wholesale Ostrich Feathers

If you want to purchase wholesale ostrich feathers for your business or craft projects, here are a few factors to consider. The ostrich is one of the world’s most famous animals, with its large feathers and eggs used to make hats, dresses, and other fashion items. They are also harvested for their meat, skin, and supple leather.

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Ostrich feathers are available in several different sizes. They range from 4 inches to over 17 inches in length. They can be used for various applications, including; dusters, mask making, millinery, quill pens, feather dusting, and many more! The ostrich feathers can be dyed or bleached in numerous colors. These are ideal for wedding centerpieces, carnival costumes, Halloween, floral arrangements, and other decorating projects.

These are also great for feather dusters, fly tying, and other decorative uses!


When you ostrich feathers wholesale, it is important to consider the weight of each piece. This will help determine whether or not the product is right for your needs. The weight of ostrich feathers can vary depending on their size and color. For example, plumes are longer and fuller than drabs, with more volume and weight. This means they are perfect for a wedding centerpiece or other large decorative project. However, consider using drabs instead if you’re on a tight budget. Ostrich feathers are known for their elegance and graceful flow. They are available in various colors and are suitable for craft projects, costumes and masks, jewelry, flower arrangements, and much more!


Ostrich feathers come in a wide variety of colors. Gray is the most common, but black, white, and brown ostrich feathers can also be found. The color of the ostrich feathers you buy wholesale can be a major factor in your decision when buying them. Choosing the right color can make your feathers pop and stand out in any venue. Whether you are a professional costume maker, crafter, or someone who loves to create one-of-a-kind decorations, the color of the ostrich feathers you choose can make all the difference!


When shopping for wholesale ostrich feathers, there are many factors to consider. Some of these include color, size, and weight. One of the most important is price. We have a wide range of wholesale ostrich feathers in stock at a price that will stay within your budget. The most popular type of ostrich feathers we carry is our 18″ to 22″ Ostrich plumes, which are an excellent choice for creating centerpieces and other decorations. They have a thick quill and beautiful hanging tips that display the elegance and beauty you want from your centerpieces.

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