Cancer, hypertension, overweight, obesity, memory, dental health: This we mean sugar!


We all know that too much sugar is not advisable if we care for the health of the organism, however, the population continues to exceed the maximum recommended by WHO intake and little is sized about the consequences of heavy drinking, therefore today we show what we mean when we talk about sugar.

Increased risk of cancer

We might think that sugar is harmful but not enough to generate cancer, but are not few studies that link its excess with an increased risk of developing this degenerative disease.

Sugar can affect the health of our cells to promote glycation of proteins that make their membranes and oxidative stress in the body as does the snuff, for example, which in the long term, accompanied by a lifestyle unhealthy It may be the cause of an increased risk of cancer.

So far, the excess sugar has been linked to increased risk of prostate cancer, biliary tract and colon cancer, but of course, you can move this effect to other parts of the body and therefore perhaps sugar suffer the same fate the snuff.

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More likely to develop hypertension

We have always believed that the number one enemy of normal blood pressure was salt, but too much sugar can actually be the main culprit of hypertension pandemic we live today.

Apparently, sugar reduces concentrations of nitric oxide in the body thus generating vasoconstriction and elevated blood pressure, which translates to long term in a high risk of hypertension and threefold increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

So maybe it’s time to look with new eyes to sugar as we have done for years with salt, because this is food that may be the main cause of hypertension today.

High risk of overweight and obesity

Sugar not only provides energy for easy assimilation but also the excesses accumulate as fat favoring enrichment “the body ‘s reserves”, hence our body likes both sweet or sugary things and the answer which triggers consumption.

Given its characteristics, sugar brain areas activated that produce pleasure and this can lead to addiction in the same manner as you would alcohol, which encourages us to eat more and more and can easily fall into excess calories to promote weight gain and the development of overweight and obesity.

And we cannot help but remember that once we have obesity, our whole body suffers can suffer different diseases and / or pathologies because of excess fat in the body.

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Memory loss

Not only on physical and organic health has effects excess sugar, but also can damage brain function and affect the structure of this so important to the human body organ.

Thus, a high sugar intake over time translates into lower levels of memory in various test and changes in spatial orientation, by the hippocampus, a brain area with valuable functions for the body.

Thus, excessive intake of sugar can damage our brain and its functions, resulting from an addictive response to their consumption to poorer cognitive and intellectual performance because of a memory leak.

Deterioration of dental health

It is not unknown that sugar may be associated with increased risk of tooth decay or periodontal disease, however, today the problem is much more pronounced due to the large amount of food, believe it or not, they have too much sugar inside. In fact, today is almost impossible to make a purchase with no added sugar and of course, much more expensive.

Therefore, cavities are another disease that predominates today and from an early age, because even baby food hide large amount of sugar that can hardly identify because of the different names for sugar and posing on food labeling regulations.

While sucrose, or table sugar is the most cariogenic of all other types of sugars are substrate for the bacteria that cause decay in our mouth, therefore, it is essential to begin to identify sugar in the food we eat.

The sugar industry has become an excellent business and therefore often the consumer is deceived, but not only with sugar but with many other products can suffer a hoax.

When we talk about sugar not only talking about calories, but also many diseases that we suffer because of their high consumption, therefore, once again, it is important to start acting to reduce consumption, replacing processed natural ingredients foods and re-educating the palate to begin to reduce the taste for sugar and increasing taste for the original flavors of the food.

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