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Not only is sugar, hundreds of industries try to deceive us: We have a problem and seeking solutions!

The sugar industry paid scientists for decades and funded hundreds of studies to blame fat heart disease and exculpate the sugar. This week, it has published an analysis of archival documents that could embitter even the very existence Charlie and Chocolate Factory.

But it is not, not at all, the only case: the history of the scientific study of nutrition is full of traps, kickbacks and half-truths that have nurtured (or tried to nurture) the recommendations of the authorities of half the world compromising its credibility to limits unsuspected. For the love of God, if they tried to convince us that the wine made us better drivers are capable of anything.

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Cancer, hypertension, overweight, obesity, memory, dental health: This we mean sugar!

We all know that too much sugar is not advisable if we care for the health of the organism, however, the population continues to exceed the maximum recommended by WHO intake and little is sized about the consequences of heavy drinking, therefore today we show what we mean when we talk about sugar.

Increased risk of cancer

We might think that sugar is harmful but not enough to generate cancer, but are not few studies that link its excess with an increased risk of developing this degenerative disease.

Sugar can affect the health of our cells to promote glycation of proteins that make their membranes and oxidative stress in the body as does the snuff, for example, which in the long term, accompanied by a lifestyle unhealthy It may be the cause of an increased risk of cancer.

So far, the excess sugar has been linked to increased risk of prostate cancer, biliary tract and colon cancer, but of course, you can move this effect to other parts of the body and therefore perhaps sugar suffer the same fate the snuff.

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