Suspected of DUI? Understand These 4 Points

Suspected of DUI

Enjoying a drink or two out with friends is all good and fun until it’s time to head home. When you hit the road, it’s essential to drive safely for you and others. Alcohol can impair the senses, making it harder to navigate a car.

If the police observe erratic behavior, they may suspect you of driving under the influence, also known as DUI. Should this occur, it’s crucial to understand how to handle yourself and what could happen down the road.

1. Be Polite When Pulled Over

If an officer pulls you over, remain cordial. Aggressive or hostile before can’t help the situation. In fact, it’s more likely to create problems. Provide your names and documents without question. Don’t divulge information about the night, however. It’s not required.

2. Don’t Perform a Road Test

Opt to go to the station rather than perform a road test. Walking a line or using a breathalyzer could make things far worse, providing subjective evidence that the officers could use against you. Instead, comply with their request to go to the station. Ask for a lawyer, and refuse to complete blood tests until your attorney agrees to it or the police have a legal order.

3. Prepare for Repercussions

If this event is the first offense, the judge may release you but ask you to complete a DUI education program online. Don’t neglect this step. Search for an online program that gives your flexibility and convenience. Show good faith by doing it right away. In addition, you may have to work with your legal team to fight charges or avoid jail time. Listen to their advice before making any decisions.

A DUI charge is serious, and it remains on your record for employers to see. If you imbibe quite a bit, consider using a driver to get you home or asking a sober friend for a ride.

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