Study well: 10 tips to learn to study

Study well

Having a good study method is essential for studying well and quickly. Taking good grades and improving one’s academic performance also means learning to study, because to study well it is not enough just to commit. We offer 10 tips on which you can base your study method.

Here are the rules to follow to study well and quickly!

1) Find your ideal study space

Each of us has our own idea about the best place to study well and safely. You can easily find your ideal area-study, I answer these questions …

  •     Do you prefer to study in silence or listen to music?
  •     Do you work better alone or with other people?
  •     Do you like studying at home, in the library, at the park, from a friend?

Once you have identified your ideal place of study, take advantage of it and organize it to its best.

2) Organized

Make sure you have all the material you need in your study space before you start studying. Getting up and looking for a pencil sharpener or ruler will interrupt your concentration, preventing you from studying quickly.

3) Clear your mind

If you have a lot of headaches, get rid of it before starting your study section. To study it is essential to have a fresh and relaxed mind. Before starting to study, note in your notebook what you have in mind: you will feel lighter!

Study well

4) Find your motivation

Reflect: How important it is for you to take a good mark. How does it feel? If you keep in mind the final result will help you stay motivated. Try to visualize an image that represents success for you, draw it, or describe it in words on a sheet that you will put next to the book while you are studying.

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5) Plan your time for the study

Having a good study method means knowing how to manage your time. If you are not good at meeting deadlines and getting ready in time for a review, doing a study plan becomes essential for you. Use a calendar where you can mark the dates of queries and homework in the classroom, set a roof hours of weekly study and organize the various sections of study for every day of the week.

6) Discover your learning style

Each of us has a “preferred” way of learning, based on one sense rather than another. Discovering your own “learning style” can be useful for improving your study method and studying well. There are three types of students, classified according to their learning method …

  • Hearing students: Learn by listening. If you are an auditory student try to read the notes aloud and repeat in front of other people. Create an audio file with the key words of each lesson and listen to them a couple of times, you will need to quickly remember what you are studying.
  • Visual students: Learn by watching. If you are a visual learner, you may want to highlight books and notes with different colors and draw diagrams and concept maps to represent key points.
  • Kinesthetic students: Learn with experience. If you are a tactile / kinesthetic student it is essential for you to carry out practical exercises and attend workshops.

7) Study with the notes

Taking detailed notes in class will save you a lot of time later and study quickly. Rewrite them, adding a few notes to the margins, is a great way to review what you’ve learned.

8) Create your study resources

If the textbook does not satisfy you or you prefer to study on concept maps rather than on notes, do it! Try to identify which resources help you to study well and quickly, and create an ad hoc set for each subject (notes – scales – audio files – interactive resources).

9) Test yourself

Do not wait for a test to test your knowledge: test yourself daily. Ask and ask questions from a friend or your parents. It’s a great way to get comfortable with what you know and find out what you still need to learn!

10) Take a well deserved break

Study well when you feel good. So make sure you eat well and get enough sleep. Exercise is excellent, but do not overdo it. It is also a good idea to schedule regular breaks when you are studying. Taking care of yourself is a good starting point to find the best study method that will make you study well and quickly.

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