Working at Height – One of the Many Risks of Farming

Farming is one of the most dangerous jobs that you can do, as there are so many risks involved – this is why it is important to get the help of a professional like this farm health and safety company to make sure that you and your farm are as safe as possible.

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One of the big risks that are part and parcel of working on a farm, is a fall from height. Because there are lots of times that you are required to work at height on a farm, as well as the fact that often you might need to battle against the weather when you are working, falls are more likely to occur, and they can result in life changing injuries and death.

Thinking about the job before you start it can help you to plan the right safety measures before you get started. Plan the job and consider what might help to make it safer. Equipment, such as a safety harness might be something that can help you, as well as protective equipment like a hard hat – this could save your life.

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Also think about the number of people doing the job- working on your own can be dangerous, however, you might not want too many people there either, so think about the various roles that people can do in order to make it safer, and also in case of emergency, having someone there who can go and get help is also a good idea.

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