The Castle at Windsor

It’s been a place of defence, a sign of regime changes and an indicator of dominance, plus it’s a favoured royal residence and a much-visited tourist attraction. Windsor Castle is one of the oldest complete castles in existence, and it’s still being used today. As a royal residence and site of great heritage to the nation, it needs to be constantly cared for and monitored. It’s why there is a great need for the use of companies like, who provide CCTV Drain Surveys Windsor way, to ensure that the buildings and fortifications are not being subjected to damage.

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The Castle was built by William the Conqueror sometime in the decade after his victory at Hastings in 1066. As with most Norman Castles, it starts with a simple Motte and Bailey design. It was built to let the Anglo-Saxons know there was a new ruler in the country. It’s created to secure order, as most castles are.

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Windsor is the perfect place to put a castle as it can fulfil several roles. First, it is on the west road to London, where a lot of Anglo-Saxon resistance was thought to come from the historic kingdom of Wessex. It is also near to the River Thames, so there is a close water source to use and to protect. Finally, there is the extensive forest of Windsor, much more prominent in the days when the castle was first built. This was a very strategically important site.

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