Can you 3D print a home?

The need for fast, affordable and efficient homes that can be built quickly is nothing new. From the moment we humans started chopping down trees to build log cabins and the like, we’ve sought ways to construct homes fast. In the past, we’ve used slabs of cut rock, bricks and also panels of concrete, much like that from Concrete Cheltenham experts All have been successful in one way or another, but now in the modern age, we have an incredible 3D printed home. This is sent to the builders via a computer. What is the process for this revolutionary new way of building?

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The idea is simple. A designer creates the home using a set template. The best thing about this is that they can create a bespoke-looking home that can feature things and elements that you want. The only thing that defines what you have is the space available. Do you need a garage? Do you want 3 or 4 bedrooms? Do you want a utility room? This idea means that you could theoretically order a home around a cost price that you have as opposed to searching for one already in existence.

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In the Monkee’s song “Pleasant Valley Sunday ‘‘ there is a line “, all the houses look the same”. New estates have been accused of following a cookie-cutter approach, and this may be the answer. The choices are sent to a cement laying machine that remotely begins laying out the shape on some reinforced concrete. The whole thing can be built in 2 weeks.

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