People and businesses living or working in and around the market town of Loughborough.

Loughborough is a market town in the borough of Charnwood, Leicestershire, with a population of just under 60,000.  The pedestrianised Market Street and Market Place, (which house a number of Art Deco original style buildings) is the town’s major retail shopping area.  Every Saturday and Thursday there is a large outdoor market, and once a month there is a well-attended Farmer’s market held there.  Built on the site of the old bus station and containing several National Brand retail stores is the Rushes Shopping Centre, this incredibly popular Centre is cleverly linked to the town centre by the Churchgate Mews which holds more independent and boutique style stores.

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When the lucky locals or the thriving businesses need any form of gardening completed, landscaping or new fencing, they know very well that the only way to get a professional job done is to turn to the experts, a company like who specialise in bespoke and individually designed Fencing Loughborough.  Maybe your garden desperately needs a definitive border or boundary, maybe you have your heart set on a beautiful new picket fence or your business needs a secure stable fencing solution, whatever it is your garden requires you can get it all done by contacting the professionals.

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The highest quality fencing installations are used, and individual requirements are met and a range of money saving complimentary services guaranteed, such as landscaping and garden gate installations. Loughborough really does have everything to offer, including a new Cineworld complex with several restaurants.

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