Maintain productivity in the summer working at home, myth or reality?

Maintain productivity

One of the disadvantages of working at home is continuous interruptions. One advantage to reconcile work and family life. The trouble is that in summer often this means that if we have children touches us stay with them at home, so keep productivity in summer working at home becomes even more complicated.

Much depends on the degree of dependence that has children because it is not the same work at home with children 3 years with children 10. In any case, we have a number of solutions we can take the time to adapt our schedules work in order to become productive at home.

Maintain productivity
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How to organize your day if you work at home with children

If we are lucky we have a home office to work, but we cannot keep the door closed and isolate ourselves from the world. Therefore, it is best to get up early in the morning, the better. If we get up at 6 in the morning and started the day with a little luck if they are sleepy, when you get up at 10 and we have fulfilled half of our journey.

That if, knowing that they are the most productive hours that we may have throughout the day we have to get to work without distractions and concentrate hard to not waste time answering emails, organize tasks, etc. All this can be done at other times, at odd moments without too many problems.

Then we have to worry about looking or perform scheduled with activities that can be entertained. A couple of hours in the morning to do homework, read or activities of the school, then see a movie or go to the pool for a swim if we have this option. This gives us the opportunity to adapt our work to your schedule. We will not be as productive, but we will have two or three more hours to work and we have almost completed our journey.

Finally we must avoid improvising , both at basic quartermaster, with meals, baths, etc. as the activities programmed to not get bored at home and do something fun and educational time. With mobility options we have today we can schedule outdoor activities where we can also do some lighter work.

Another issue that we must avoid is frustrated that work plans can not be met. We need to know how to be flexible. Our goal is to work eight hours a day and be able to complete the tasks as soon as possible to enjoy the family. Whether to make any changes have to be able to adapt and reprogram our schedules.

Saving external agents

At other times are not the children who change our routines but external agents. For example, it is best not to work near the terrace or the pool area, where other neighbors or friends can be enjoying outdoor activities. Many will leave and ease concentrates is higher than in other seasons.

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It is also important to work with proper air conditioning. Heat, often suffocating prevents us perform well. Sometimes just working in a closed room where air conditioning has to realize that your productivity has improved greatly. The feeling of suffocation causes or simply cannot think of anything other than cool.

The holiday friends are often dangerous. We propose activities, outings to night hours when the temperature drops, etc. We need not stop them; we just have to be able to adapt our schedules. In any case if the workload is very high, we can always decline the offer, but we do not have to give up one of the advantages of working at home to maintain a fixed schedule.

Finally, it is important to continue maintaining healthy routines, both physically and mentally, you do not end by making us work at home all day in shorts. Go out for a walk, have coffee in the morning, do some sport before or after work, etc. we will help to clear the mind and body of our work.

It is never easy to work at home, but if we make good use of summer time can enjoy, friends, family and not feel frustrated by having to keep working while everyone is on vacation. That if nobody said it was easy to get.

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