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Do You Need Your Car Wash Repaired?

Do you own a car wash? If this is the case, you will eventually have a situation where your car wash will require various repairs. When this happen, it is very important that you have a company you can call that will be able to fix the problems you are having. There are quite a Read More

Hot Hatch Wars

Hot Hatch Wars: Here are the 10 most canon sports compact on the market

Little by little and without realizing, we have been filling the market of vitamin versions of the best-selling utility cars in our market. Each aspirational version of a bestseller becomes a cult object for the fans of the brand in question, and today we have dedicated to pick the nine best representatives of this fierce niche.

The hot hatch or compact sports are obscure objects of desire. Increasingly powerful and supportive we have been able to delight in three different development paths: the ultra-powerful incarnated by Audi and Mercedes-AMG, the less powerful but lighter Honda, Peugeot, Opel or Renault or an intermediate point that seeks virtue in The balance of the Ford. A complicated choice, no doubt, but very entertaining.

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Best Ways To Buy An Used Lamborghini

Few couple of cars have actually been able to match the cool and credibility of Lamborghini since 1960s. You buy a Lamborghini when you are someone. Obviously, you do, and this article is going to reveal you simply how you need to set about buying a little piece of driving paradise.

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Citroën E-Berlingo

Citron E-Berlingo Multispace, an electric ‘minivan’ with up to 170 kilometers of autonomy

It is called E-Berlingo Multispace and is the latest electric vehicle from Citron, a ‘minivan’ van that, by the way, is assembled in the Vigo factory in Galicia. It promises an approved autonomy of 170 kilometers and, according to the French brand, this practical and spacious vehicle is ideal for both businesses and families. It will be on sale in the month of May.

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Škoda Octavia RS 245

Skoda Octavia RS 245: The most powerful Octavia in history

Just a month after showing its new Skoda Octavia RS, the Czech brand has the most powerful of all time Octavia. It is called Skoda Octavia RS 245 and benefits from more than conventional power model, the style of the Performance Volkswagen GTI variant. It is officially presented at the next Geneva Motor Show in March and will be available in both body saloon as family or Combi.

This Octavia RS 245 mounts the same 2.0 TSI of ordinary RS, but with a power of 245 hp (extra 15 hp) and a maximum engine 370 Nm between 1,600 and 4,300 RPM par. It is combined with a six-speed manual gearbox or with a dual-clutch DSG gearbox and seven gears. The result is a 0 to 100 km / h in 6.6 seconds (6.7 for the Combi).

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A Tesla not only does well, but sells cars twice a year for another

Needless know what Elon Musk dreamer, and just last week spoke of his project trips to Mars as who gets a transoceanic plane. But it’s nothing fancy is that its auto business is booming, and if at other times we talked about how well they were sales, we now know that Tesla sells twice as many cars of selling makes a year.

The data comes from the last statement that the company has posted on its website, which specify that the sum total of vehicles distributed in the last quarter not only doubled, but remains a little above that achieved in the same period last year (third quarter 2015). And the top model? The Tesla Model S.

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Renault Zoe updated their batteries to reach 400 kilometers, a step in the electric car for everyone

Opel knew he would not be alone in this, all it will cost them too that the electric car is established, and I am not sure if they want to change propulsion system as soon with everything they have invested, but here come the movements of important pieces. The following have taught us that an electric car that covers a good mileage is Renault, at the Paris Motor Show.

Well, much as new is an update on the Renault Zoe, which is already available in our country. The grace of the matter is the autonomy that soars to 400 kilometers. These figures always have to catch them with tweezers, depending on the type of cycle that is used to show them in this case is based on NEDC, and we believe that in practice it will not cost you move over 300 kilometers.

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The challenge of lighting in the car is not only more light, but smarter

A few days ago we learned the latest in automotive lighting, at least by the manufacturer Philips Illumines. Although we have seen some other new product (which has some interest), we have not witnessed anything we can classify as revolutionary. Four years ago we review the latest car headlights, and a year before we explain what constituted technologies and advanced lighting systems and vision and for the moment is still working on the same thing: halogen headlights, xenon, LED and laser .. . plus headlights OLED (primarily for secondary functions).

The fundamental intent in the car, always, is continuous improvement: more power, less consumption, more comfort, less noise, more safety … and of course have more light. Speaking of lighting, in addition to more light, while trying to innovate in other factors, such as design, color and aesthetics, energy consumption, and an aspect which increasingly become more important, the “intelligent lighting” ( understood as dynamic and adaptive lighting).

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Ford autonomous car will arrive in 2021 … and will have no steering wheel or pedals

The race for the development of autonomous car began some months ago, but now when we begin to know the real plans of manufacturers with active developments in this field. Here we highlight the case of Google, Tesla, GM Lyft, BMW, Uber and even rumors of Apple; but today we talk about Ford who finally will have one year its first commercial autonomous car: 2021.

Today during a conference at the Center for Research and Innovation Ford in Palo Alto, California, Mark Fields, CEO of the company, he came to confirm that in five years we will know its first fully autonomous commercial car, which will be without steering wheel or pedals, something that has surprised everyone.

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Revero karma hybrid

Revero Karma hybrid is the resurrection that would disturb precious Tesla

We must go back to 2013 to see firsthand the Fisker Karma, and somehow we can say that that vehicle has returned to life in the Karma Revero, a plug -in hybrid that has always wanted to be a nuisance for the Tesla Model S, mainly for its sporty and four doors.

The road to success has been very different for these models, but here are to try again, with quite a similar picture to what we met with the original model. From the technological point of view there are two powerful introductions in this Revero: a sunroof and a new interior system for information and entertainment.

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