Leadership and success: 5 things to learn from Donald Trump

Success in Business

In business such strategies must be implemented to demonstrate good leadership?

Let’s find out now together considering the analysis of the style of Donald Trump proposed by the author of 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class Steve Siebold that with 5 points below provides an interesting insight into the mindset of the well-known entrepreneur and recently American politician.

The examination, which goes behind the political considerations (Donald Trump is currently running for the White House), examines one of the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders of the past 40 years. Here, then, the five key issues identified by Siebold.

Success in Business
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1 – Believe in yourself

The first rule to achieve good results at the professional level is to always believe in yourselves and in your own ability, avoiding a priori to think that there might be even a single goal not achievable: whoever does not give full confidence to its potential, as well as predispose to vulnerability, self-inflicted relentlessly failure, the classic dynamic of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Trump is undoubtedly an example of how the self-confidence is one of the keys to success primate. To better understand the personality of this entrepreneur is enough, for example, to think indissoluble swaggering when it appears on the stands or as political bias does not use never negative phrases like “it is impossible for me.”

2 – Learning from defeat

Assuming that you cannot win every game and every single defeat allows fortify, Trump epitomizes a prime example of how to become a successful entrepreneur, it is absolutely necessary to react daily to the attacks daily, taking advantage of defeats and learning from past mistakes. Ideology of thought perfectly described in his quote “Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war” (Sometimes losing a battle you find a new way to win the war), that Trump has continued to pursue even when in 90s, after accumulating a debt of $9 billion, we had to face one of the worst financial crises of his career, emerged winner.

3 – Do not depend on the approval of others

The entrepreneurial mindset is to win the one who does not accept to depend on the approval of others. Donald Trump is definitely immune to the judgment of others, so as to be probably one of the most controversial public figures and finance USA. Those who spend your days worrying about the opinion of others and acting only as a function of this, it reduces to a minimum the chances to be successful, because, despite the individual was responsible for such acts to the company, entrust your act to the approval of others leads easy to lose sight of your goals.

4 – Be determined to win

According to the same Trump, the determination is the only major element able to diversify the winners from the losers: while people used to be overwhelmed tends to negotiate the price of victory, people with good leadership are willing to pay any price and to tie any agreement to achieve their goals.

5 – Do not avoid conflict

Define “grumpy” or “combative” Trump is almost an understatement.

The conflict is a symptom of a strong interest in being. With the increase of the value of a business, a product or a market, grow proportionately and interest, is the possibility of conflict between these interests: even if, in the name of tranquility, most individuals prefer to avoid as much as possible any kind of contrast, those who want to become successful entrepreneur must learn to prepare yourselves for confrontation.

The confrontation can be a good teacher capable of discovering new strategies and new ways of its objectives.

These 5 points that, according to Steve Siebold, identify more capacitive the leadership of Donald Trump: important insights for all colors who want to develop a winning entrepreneurial mentality.

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