BMW X5 Le Mans, recalling the first performance SUV

BMW X5 Le Mans

Today SUV models talk about 600 horses is not far-fetched.BMW has two in its range that touch that figure, theX5 M and X6 M. Mercedes has the65 AMGwith 630 hp or63 AMG GLE585.

But all of this performance SUV started back in 2000 with a special prototype that today we remember, theBMW X5 Le Mans.What was it about?So basically the first generation X5 a engine V12 that won Le Mans.

BMW X5 Le Mans
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The prototype launched almost parallel to the first BMW X5 in history, it was basically atrial balloon to gauge whether it would make sense to develop a high-performance version of the new SUV.And they did it in style.

Last year BMW won the 24 Hours of Le Mans with theBMW V12 LMR, an open prototype which had a 6.0 V12 engine.To maintain reliability, power racing car was limited to 580 hp through a limiter air supply.

But in the case of the BMW X5 Le Mans, to be nothing more than an experimental model, they gave vent to the fixing power in a not inconsiderable700 horsepower.Today unless resort to specialized trainers in mechanics, you cannot find any SUV with this power.

The engine also delivered a couple of 720 Nm at 5000 RPM.With such power and torque, this prototype stop the clock from0-100 km / h in 4.7 seconds and reaching 278 km / h top speed.Not bad when you consider that the gearbox was manual.

Although aesthetically changes that prototype about a BMW X5 series could come to pass unnoticed, the fact is that under that body take a toy gun, he hid whose body had been lowered 30 mmcompared to the standard model.

Theleaks in the central position, the redesign of the bumper or the golden multi-spoke 20-inch wheels and rear-view mirrors inherited the E46 M3, are its hallmarks.

Inside, the spacious and comfortable interior with BMW managed to conquer the lovers of the great dwellings; he had given way to acockpitracing backet with four individual seats.

Down eight minutes at the Nurburgring Nordschleife

As mentioned earlier in this article, the BMW X5 Le Mans was just an experimental prototype, but the German driverHans-Joachim Stuckat the wheel put him in the Green Hell for quite a feat.

With that car got set a time on the Nordschleife of 7 minutes, 49 seconds and nine tenths, thus becoming thefirst SUV coming down from 8 minutes in the German track.

That engine sounded like heaven, ring of the twelve-cylinder vee unison will be difficult to hear again.Today these power levels are achieved only based on turbocharged engines, like it or not, do not sound even close.

So theBMW X5 Le Manswas a cutting-edge car, a prototype that we have to thank today there are super high performance SUV able to stand up to the saloons and sports market faster.

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