Three Jobs For People Who Love to Drive

Depending on where you live and your qualifications, finding a job isn’t difficult, but finding a job you love can be a different story. Most of us dream about waking up every morning excited about going to our job instead of dragging yourself there out of obligation. If you can align your passions with your occupation you will have a career that makes money and makes you happy.

School Bus Driver

The first job on our list is also for someone also who enjoys kids. If you have a way with children and think driving them to and from school safely each day sounds like a great opportunity then look into being a bus driver. There will be a background check so be prepared for that.

Truck Driver

If you want to see the land and don’t mind viewing it from the cab of a truck you may want to look into long or short haul truck driving. This can be more than a job. There are companies who will train you and help you lease your truck. Do your research though, you want o find the best lease to own trucking company, not the cheapest. You get what you pay for and if this is going to be your new career it is worth the investment.

Tow Truck Driver

If you are going to go this route you’d better have thick skin. If you’ve ever had to pay to get your car released from a towing company, then you know towing cars and trucks is big business. There is a lot of money to be made, especially if you own the company. However, you will have to endure a verbal lashing a time or two (or three or four). No one wants their car to be towed. It is always a hassle, always frustrating and always expensive. If you are the tow truck driver, people see you as the bad guy even though you’re just doing your job. If the drama doesn’t get under your skin, then being a tow truck driver could be an exciting and lucrative choice.

If you love to drive and the thought of getting paid to do it sounds good then give one of these careers a shot.

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