Nine vegan smoothies that will make you fall in love

Smoothies or smoothies are easy, quick preparations that can help us to add good nutrients as well as complete meals that due to lack of time, ideas and more, we often overlook or we finish filling with purchased preparations. That’s why today we show you nine vegan smoothies that will make you fall in love […]

Cooking Tips: How to cook vegetables to lick your fingers?

One of the more classic purposes is to eat more vegetables and vegetables in general. Whether it’s losing those extra pounds, reducing meat consumption, or looking for healthier habits, it’s never a bad idea to increase your vegetable intake. But do you know how to prepare some delicious vegetables? It is clear that there are […]

Vegan chocolate and orange pastry – Valentine’s Recipe

Yes, it also gives me some allergy to see window displays filled with hearts and overdose of pastel colors, but my way of celebrating Valentine’s Day is more practical. That is, it becomes an excuse to give us some new sweet treat at home, preferably I chocolaty. It is always nice to share a sweet […]

What is an ultra processed food and why should we reduce its consumption?

We always talk about processed foods with reference to those ingredients that have received an industrial process, which are the product of a food industry. However, in a different category they are ultra processed food, we tell you what they are and why you should reduce your intake. What is an ultra processed food? An […]

What is eggnog or egg punch? The tradition of an ideal drink for the winter

In many homes it ends Christmas enjoying the King cake dipped in hot chocolate. But although we say goodbye to the Christmas sweets, it is difficult to say goodbye to the traditional chocolate to the cup, now that the coldest of the winter awaits us. Are not you very fond of the cocoa drink? You […]

Five hot chocolate recipes essential and different for a perfect winter afternoon

Contemplating the rain from the window feeling the warmth of a cup of hot chocolate in your hands is one of the most rewarding feelings and wonderful world. We show five recipes for hot chocolate that can be also completely different.

All about sweeteners: What they are, where they come from and how they affect our bodies?

In search of a non-caloric substitute for sugar, we have at our disposal variety of alternatives, from different backgrounds, with different properties and effects on the body, so then we help you learnall about the different sweeteners found in the market. Different sweeteners Although the word sweetener includes anyone, sweeten food, today we dedicate specifically […]