Cooking Tips: How to cook vegetables to lick your fingers?

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One of the more classic purposes is to eat more vegetables and vegetables in general. Whether it’s losing those extra pounds, reducing meat consumption, or looking for healthier habits, it’s never a bad idea to increase your vegetable intake. But do you know how to prepare some delicious vegetables? It is clear that there are Read More

Vegan chocolate and orange pastry – Valentine’s Recipe

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Yes, it also gives me some allergy to see window displays filled with hearts and overdose of pastel colors, but my way of celebrating Valentine’s Day is more practical. That is, it becomes an excuse to give us some new sweet treat at home, preferably I chocolaty. It is always nice to share a sweet Read More

What is an ultra processed food and why should we reduce its consumption?

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We always talk about processed foods with reference to those ingredients that have received an industrial process, which are the product of a food industry. However, in a different category they are ultra processed food, we tell you what they are and why you should reduce your intake. What is an ultra processed food? An Read More

5 Tips to Reduce Food Waste

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It is undeniable that there is a considerable loss of food worldwide, with figures that make the hair stand on end if we consider that there are many people who starve. It is great that governments get involved and take action to resolve this serious problem, but we can contribute our grain of sand, so Read More

Keep Your Food Safe with Proper Packaging and Storage

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People get sick from food all of the time. They may get something that is as simple as an upset stomach that passes after just a couple of hours or they may get something that is serious and lands them in the hospital and takes powerful drugs in order to help them get better. Unfortunately, Read More

Swiss chocolate pudding: Cream dessert recipe without eggs

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When I was little we used to go to Switzerland to visit family in summer, and remember that fascinated me walk into any supermarket. Before the madness of yoghurts and dairy desserts flooded our stores, there we took centuries ahead with the offer, and my brother and I particularly loved us very popular desserts of Read More

Could Cold Press Juices Be the Sports Drink of the Future?

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A new organic cold press juice has taken the US fitness market by storm by bridging a gap between sports drinks and supplements and providing workout enthusiasts with a natural, healthy alternative. Image Credit The WellWell cold press supplement could signify an important shift in what we drink after exercise. What Are Sports Drinks? Sports Read More