Science-fiction: ‘Dark City’ by Alex Proyas

Roger Ebert called it the best production of 1998. That’s nothing. It was a box office flop raising two hundred thousand more than their bare – bones budget of $ 27 million dollars, but that did not stop him to acquire the fast condition cult film obligatory pilgrimage for fans of science fiction. A condition […]

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure When You Have Diabetes

High blood pressure and diabetes are both severe problems undermining the health of tens of millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of people worldwide. They each have to do with the health of the blood and the blood’s ability to facilitate the metabolic functions of the body. It should come as no surprise then […]

HR Ramifications of Working from Home

Due to mobile technology and business voice services, the ability for employees to work remotely has greatly increased. Today, there is cloud based software that makes it easy to facilitate virtual meetings, connect to business dashboards, and interact with customers and because of this, more employers than ever before are instituting virtual job programs. In […]

The cassette tape is back … but this time the station is hipster!

Vinyl returned several years ago and now finds entire sections dedicated to them even in supermarkets. Today, it is the only format that survives the dreaded digital music, although physically still deflating and everything indicates that the final advancement of online models in music consumption will occur along this 2016. The online stores have also […]